how to turn off auto jump in minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular and fun game involving blocks and fun monsters. The theme of the game is monsters that try to kill his protagonist when the player goes out or if the house is not properly lit. The secondary goal of the game is to ignite the creative light in your brain and gather resources to move forward. Due to the popularity and popularity of the game’s fans, it is updated almost regularly and new types of resources or blocks are added. Now with a new update upgrading the game to Minecraft 1.10.2 introduced Magma blocks. This version also introduces a new feature called ‘Auto-Jump’. Auto-Jump allows jumping up a block. In previous versions, the jump was performed by pressing the spacebar. With the new auto-jumping feature, players don’t need to press the spacebar anymore. When the player gets close to a block, it will automatically jump on that block. Read more: how to disable auto-jump in minecraft Read more: How to remove stripped allen peg Although some users may like the idea of ​​auto-jump, others may find it annoying. If users feel lazy about tapping the spacebar every time, then they must find it useful. On the other hand, some users may find it difficult to suddenly lose control over the jump function. So remember, difference in opinion, a provision was made to turn it on or off. Check out the following steps to disable Auto Jump in Minecraft.

Steps to turn off auto-jumping in Minecraft

first. First of all, launch Mineraft and go to the game’s preferences. Read more: how to format a write-protected cd2. Click Controls.3. At the top of the motion controls you’ll find a toggle for Auto Jump. Click on it to turn it off. All of that only! Read more: how to use voicemeeter banana when in disagreement

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