How to Turn a Radiator off

How to turn off a radiator There are many reasons why you might want to turn off one or two radiators from time to time. Maybe you have a rental property that won’t be occupied for a while, maybe you live in a large property and don’t want to heat up empty rooms, or maybe you’re going on a long vacation. in winter. If so, you’re in luck! But you’ll also want to consider depressurizing your heating, along with turning off the radiator, if you’re heading out to sea on a six-month winter cruise. it’s sunny or one of your radiators suddenly leaks, follow our simple steps below to successfully shut down your radiator. Your radiator is turned off and on by the radiator valve. You may have a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) or a thermostatic valve, depending on the age of your radiator.How to turn off the radiator

Thermostatic valve

Step 1: You will usually find the valve on the TRV radiator on the left side. The valve you are looking for will have a numbered dial, to regulate the heat that the radiator gives off, and is usually found on the bottom of the radiator.Step 2: To close the valve, turn the valve clockwise to zero on the dial. With the dial set to 0, your radiator won’t generate any heat and will be off.Step 3: On modern systems you’ll find there’s another valve on the opposite side of the radiator, without a numbered dial. If work is being done with your system, you will need to isolate the heatsink. To do this, turn this valve clockwise, until it will turn, to close the valve. With both valves closed, your radiator is completely isolated.

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Non-heat valve

Step 1: Also known as a manual valve, look for a thermostatic valve on the left or right side of the bottom of your radiator. The other valve on the radiator will be fixed or will be closed.Step 2: To turn off your radiator, turn the valve all the way clockwise.Top tips! Turn the valve clockwise to turn off the radiator and counterclockwise to turn it back on. Turning off your radiator is easy. But if you don’t want to face something more potentially serious with your heating system than a leaking radiator, you might want to consider the peace of mind that having a boiler and a lid heating brings.

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