how to turn a chair into a rocker

Stylish upholstered rocking chairs can be pricey so for our son’s nursery we bought an accent chair, removed the legs, and built our own rocking legs. In this DIY rocking chair base crafting tutorial, we’ll show you how we made a custom rocking chair base.Reading: how to turn a chair into a rocking chair The rocking chair is a staple piece of nursery furniture. It has to be comfortable, functional, but let’s face it, it has to look good, too. Oh and if you’re sailing in the same boat as us, it has to be affordable. We went to great lengths in designing our nursery to blow it into an ill-fitting rocking chair or blow our entire budget into one we really couldn’t afford. Read more: how to tell if you have a kid We even went as far as to try the rocking chair at Pottery Barn Kids. When the nice sales lady asked if we were interested, we played along knowing good and we couldn’t pass $1,000 on a chair. If we had the money, I could have brought my favorite home in a split second. But that’s not why we have to improvise. I feel like our DIY projects that turned out to be the best were the ones where the price of a piece of furniture we liked here (picture of my hand on top) and our budget was down here (image of my other hand is below my knee). It forced us to think of a solution that balances style and price well. That’s what we did for building our rocking chair base, and I think it’s a run at home. custom rocking chair base. Watch the video tutorial or follow the steps below to see our rocking chair stand making tutorial.

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How to turn an upholstered chair into a rocking chair

After rocking Connor for three months in this rocking chair, I can confirm that it is very comfortable. The fact that it has no arms really makes it more comfortable for me to hold and feed it since I can rest it on a pillow and it has more room on my lap. it escaped by swinging Brent on my lap and while my legs seemed to break, the rocking chair didn’t. It feels safe and secure, and creates a smooth swaying motion. We put it on our wooden floor, so we added felt strips on the bottom to keep it from scratching and moving too much. like we thought. Read more: How to connect wii to computer

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