How to Translate YouTube Comments?

In recent years, a lot of people are watching videos on YouTube because of their wide appeal in many languages. That means you need to be able to connect with your global audience as over 70% of them reside outside of the US. You may not know about Translate Comments on YouTube. YouTube’s translator app analyzes YouTube comments for you. Below the comment you will see a translate button and that should do it. Frankly speaking, you can understand what they are saying, but the translation is flawed. So let us find a way to translate YouTube comments. One simple way to respond to people who leave comments on your posts is to do it on their own. For now, I believe Google has done all of this, and I believe YouTube will do the same in the future. Google Translate is a perfect choice. Just type your answer in the YouTube comment box, then copy and paste your answer on the form. In the future, I think YouTube will also be able to automatically translate text Read: how to translate youtube comments Of course, it is understandable that YouTube comments are difficult Read more: how to make skin pale become bright This is quite a large scale. Translators may not always be able to interpret all responses. It would be great if we could translate YouTube comments automatically. It is difficult to moderate comments on YouTube because the platform is heavily used by machine translation platforms.

  • YouTube comments are filled with slang, as well as translations/mixed languages ​​that are “out of place” or literally incorrect.
  • Vulgar and malicious comments on YouTube are quite common. Making this change will burden more moderation efforts.
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While it has a lot of downsides, it’s a lot better than being completely disabled.

  • Start a new tab to access YouTube.
  • Then, find the video that contains the text you want to translate.
  • The next step is to locate the comment you want to translate (i.e. any comment in a language other than English).
  • To translate a comment, look for the “Translate” button in the bottom right.
  • To make sure a comment is translated, select the “Translate” option.

Read more: how to change the coil on a smoker v8 On all social media platforms, facilities for tagging are provided. The cards are now big. Therefore, social networks are used quite commonly. The “@” sign can be used as a tag to identify a specific person. Let us know to tag in YouTube comments. For this feature to be available, YouTube, with billions of active users, needed to add the feature. When you reply to a previous comment, tag the person to keep track of their discussion.

How to tag someone by computer?

  • On your Mac or PC, visit
  • Find the YouTube video you want to tag someone in and scroll down to the comment section where you want to reply to their mention.
  • To reply to a comment, select “Reply”.
  • Fill in the blanks with your message.
  • “Reply” should be selected.

How to tag someone with a cell phone?

  • Start the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android device and start watching.
  • Find and click on the videos and comments you want to reply to on YouTube.
  • Replying to a specific comment is as simple as tapping it.
  • Your comment should be checked in the box provided.
  • If you want to post a comment, click the paper airplane icon.
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