How To Tile An Uneven Wall

When tiling a wall or floor, it’s important that the surface is even so you can create a perfectly straight finish that won’t warp or peel. However, uneven walls and floors are quite common, which means tiles can be distorted or set at an angle, or that some tiles protrude more from the wall than others. In the case of uneven surfaces, they will need to be prepared prior to tile installation to create a perfectly uniform tiled floor or wall. But how do you do this? Here at Tile and Floor Superstore, we’ve created a quick guide on how to prepare uneven surfaces for tiling to help you get the perfect wall or floor.

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  • Prepare uneven wall surface for tiles
  • Prepare uneven floor surfaces for tile laying.
  • Prepare uneven wall surface


    One of the best ways to ensure an even surface is to plaster the walls. Plastering can be a super simple job, but if you have no prior plastering experience it may be worthwhile to ask a professional to help – achieving a perfect surface for tile is essential and this is not always easy on your first try Read: how to tile an uneven wall

    Prepare uneven floor surfaces

    When preparing uneven floor surfaces for tile, there are several different options available. Floor leveling compound is an excellent choice when the floor surface has a lot of dents and ridges, while other solutions when the surface is slightly uneven but still requires care might be re-sanding, bricking. , or even use mosaic tiles.

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    a) Leveling compound

    floor leveling machine 1

    When working on uneven floors, a floor leveling compound is a simple and effective solution for creating an even floor surface. Floor leveling compound is a mixture used to seal floors, smooth uneven concrete floors or make floors less inclined. and structurally safe – this is most relevant for laminate floors because laminate floors moving underfoot will break when a self-leveling compound is used. Can prevent primer from applying properly Next apply a primer that acts as a binder for the compound – use a brush to apply one or two coats of paint. Once the primer is completely dry, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the compound self-leveling coat – remember to wear gloves and avoid breathing dust and work quickly – the whole process takes little more than 20 minutes because the compound begins to set relatively quickly. We recommend using a drywall leveler or tool to ensure that the compound is evenly spread.

    b) Hit

    Read more: how to build a slide on a small house A technique used when the surface of the wall or floor is only slightly flat is called internal damming. This involves creating a thicker-than-usual screed and, after laying the tile, laying a flat board over the tile. Smash the board with a rubber mallet to push the bricks into the mortar, focusing on the sticks that stick out more than the others.

    c) Back Buttering

    Repainting is a popular solution for paving uneven walls and floors or using tiles of different thicknesses. It simply applies grout as usual to the base, but then also coats the back of the tile with grout. Additional grout is applied to areas that need it – areas with dents or areas with thinner tiles. This will even out the surface, creating a perfectly flat tiled surface.

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    d) Using Mosaic bricks

    If you are tiling a really uneven surface, sometimes the best solution is to choose mosaic tile. This involves the use of smaller tiles of various shapes to create a well-covered wall, minimizing the effect of uneven surfaces. Large format bricks have no bends or are not flexible, but debris and small format bricks can be installed on uneven surfaces without any bricks peeling off.mosaicStill looking for more tips on how to tile an uneven wall or floor? Do not hesitate to contact our team, who are always available to provide product recommendations and advice. Just call 0334390000 or use the live chat feature in the bottom right corner. Read more: how to secretly lock the door from the lock

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