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Video How to tie a karate beltHow do you tie your karate belt?In my travels around the world, I have seen a number of ways.Read: How to Tie a Karate Belt Some Good, Some Unhealthy, Some Bizarre…At this point, I need to share the usual Japanese means of tying your Karate belt.I think all beginners should be taught this manners.Its result is bigger than “tie a belt”.The next video on how to tie your karate belt serves as a humble reminder that the essence of karate lies in your mindset..Everything you do is a mirror image of it. Along with the belt action…

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Rationalize:how_to_tie_karate_belt_step_1The first step when tightening the belt is to make sure it hangs evenly from the center.This action symbolizes a sense of stability – non-secular, technical and physical (identified in Japanese as ‘Shin Gi Tai’) – but beyond that, excellence in Karate can only be achieved achieved when physical training is balanced with theoretical research. The idea was named ‘Bun Bu Ryo Do’; Western philosophers call this “pen and sword”. Read more: how to reheat pancakes in an air fryerYour hand is in the middle.Control your balance…how_to_tie_karate_belt_step_2Now that you are fit, the next step is to wrap the belt around your body.You can achieve that by centering the straps below your navel. , we should uphold the moral values ​​that present us as a Karate-ka and strive to embody them in each of our interactions throughout the course of observing Karate.how_to_tie_karate_belt_step_3Since the belts made an “X” on the back, we were reminded to be ready for people who might cross us behind.Let’s put the belt in the gate again – the result of everything comes round. We always reap what we sow.how_to_tie_karate_belt_step_4This reminds you that what goes on behind your back can also go under your nostrils.Hold on to your friends, however your enemies are near… Read more: How to catch Gengar in Pokemon GO | Top Q&Ahow_to_tie_karate_belt_step_5Now wear one that finds itself below the waist and the reverse below.This reminds Karate-ka of the 2 guides through which our thoughts can journey when we are not at peace with ourselves, and what it means to strive upwards in an attempt to find a fixed enchantment. determined (Jpn. ‘Kaizen’). Finally… By tightening the knot, we are reminded of the importance of tightening our resolve in all matters, strengthening our spirits (Jpn. ‘fudoshin’).how_to_tie_karate_belt_step_6Final.At the end of this ritual, we make sure that the ends are hung completely evenly.how_to_tie_karate_belt_step_7However, fear not if it’s not “perfect”.Karate is not just about achieving perfection… However, always strive for it! That is the spirit of Karate. (looking for more information.)

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______Postscript. The tactic offered in this article (beyond your back) is the conventional karate belt. Variants without the letter “X” also exist, however some Japanese organizations (e.g. Inoue-ha Keishin-kai) think of it incorrectly. Because these kata world champions like Rika Usami and Antonio Diaz always tighten their belts by passing it again. In the long run, I recommend sticking to the dojo etiquette. Read more: how to build an air hockey table

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