How To Thread A Slide Buckle

This is a guide showing how to properly thread the ladder lock. Ladder buckle allows you to adjust the length of the strap as desired and automatically locks to the selected length. It is used to adjust the shoulder straps on Troika’s collapsible backpack model. Read: how to thread a slide buckle

Ladder lock


Ladder lock has 3 wire holes and 2 fasteners.

Right side and reverse side of the lock

Determine the right and wrong side of the key It is very important that the threading is done correctly and that the length of the strap can still be adjusted when desired, with automatic locking. label for party supporters To be absolutely sure, just look at the bottom bar : the bar closest to the tongue.Right side of the lock is the side that the lower bar (near the tongue) is raised when compared to the upper bar. This bar can sometime also ribbed on the right side (this is not the case in one of the photos).

  • Instructions for boucle reglable bretelles sac a dos 1Right – The bottom bar is raised when compared to the top bar
  • IMG 8387 1Side Wrong – Lower bar sinks when compared to upper bar

Thread yarn fixed fabric

Tip: be sure to finish the ends of the fabric to avoid fraying. By a zigzag stitch, or by burning the ends (only if the fabric is made of polypropylene, do not burn the cotton), or, as I have done here, by applying glue to the ends.You will need 2 pieces of fabric to thread the buckle. One piece will be non-adjustable (fixed) and the other will be adjustable.To thread the fixed fabric:

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  • Thread the fabric cord into the top hole, from the left side of the lock to the right side of the lock
  • Then around the top bar, in the center hole and to the back of the lock.
  • Pull a few centimeters of the strap on the back of the buckle.
  • Read more: How long does wood glue take to dry Then sew this canvas where you want it on the bag. Don’t forget to sew the shirt along the buckle so it doesn’t have too much room to move. Here, the fabric is sewn on the shoulder straps of the Troika backpack.

    Adjustable webbing

    Take the second piece of strap, which is adjustable. For the Troika backpack, one end of this cord has been sewn into the bag.

  • Thread the other end of the fabric tube through the center hole, from the left side of the lock to the right side of the lock.
  • Then thread the webbing around the bottom bar, into the bottom hole,
  • and under the tongue.
  • Be careful not to twist the cord.

    The end result of threading the ladder lock

    This is the result on the shoulder strap of the Troika backpack: Read more: how to draw a food plate

    • Sac% C3% A0 dos Troika Sacotin Small Baggage Pick Up
    • Sac% C3% A0 dos Troika Sacotin Small Luggage Dose

    Another guide for the Troika backpack: Thread the clip buckle

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