How To Thin Out Curly Hair

PICTURE OF Karston Tannis for The Curl Revolution If you have thick or thick curly hair, chances are you’ve been asked by your stylist if you want to thin your hair. For stylists who aren’t particularly familiar with curly or textured hair, curling scissors seems to be the quickest and easiest solution. But curly and wavy hair doesn’t really react to thinning like straight hair. I chatted with Aylah Mayim, lead stylist and curl expert at the Salon Festival in Carrboro, North Carolina about different thinning techniques for curly hair. If you are considering thinning your curly hair, this is the first thing you should consider.

Why do you want to thin your hair?


Read more: How long does wood glue take to dry Does your hair feel unmanageable? Does it feel heavy? Do you feel like your curls are buried or weighed down? You may not need to thin your hair. A curly hair stylist can talk to you about recommending carefully placed layers to shape your curls, or she can suggest a short haircut. Another possibility is that she will recommend moisturizing and styling products.

Find a stylist who has mastered several thinning techniques

If you and your stylist decide that thinning is really the best way forward, I recommend purchasing a stylist who has mastered more techniques than just thinning! Mayim doesn’t typically use thinning scissors when doing curls because the technique tends to “fade” curly hair, she says. But she uses cutting, engraving, and notching techniques to systematically remove hair weight, depending on need.

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Talk to your stylist about thinning techniques that are right for your specific needs

Aylah specifically talks about what thinning technique she’ll use to accommodate different needs, hair textures, and curl styles. For example, she is more likely to use carving for stronger textures with larger waves; and she’ll be using the cut on curly hair that’s falling on its own.

Embrace the volume and style of your curls, and find the right stylist!

Read more: How to convert a regular PDF/A to PDF file I’ve been told by stylists who defaulted to thinning techniques because they were affected by the volume of my hair. But I do not! I embrace density of curls and volume of hair. I even love the bouncy curls! Make sure you find a stylist who shares the same vision and love for your curly hair and wants to use thinning techniques to enhance your curls and enhance your style. The thinning technique is a powerful tool to emphasize your curls and texture. If you need more tips on talking to stylists, check out this article on how to get what you want from your stylist. Read more: how to make toast in an air fryer.

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