How To Tell If She Wants You To Chase Her

Men on first dates can ignore subtle signs from girls who like them. An old joke that, “It’s easier to learn rocket science than to understand women’s minds!” Some women play hard to see how willing you are to commit to the effort to get them in your life. Many men face the dilemma of pursuing the woman of their dreams or letting them go. When dating, men must understand the important signs that girls want to be pursued. It’s easier for women to show their interest than vice versa. A woman who always wants to be pursued by the guy who captures her attention. When a man wants to go after the girl of his dreams, he has two choices: either forcefully, at the risk of her thinking you’re a bad guy, or come to her lightly. , and then she might think you’re not trying hard enough. How to know if she wants you to chase her

Does she care about me?


Men have a hard time flirting with women they like for fear of rejection. On the other hand, a man needs to take his time to understand what it means to flirt with a woman. Psychology has taught men to watch out for signs from women showing interest in them. Here are some tips to help you figure out if she wants you to pursue her.

1. She is always near you

One of the signs she wants to be pursued is finding reasons to be around you. A woman uses proximity to signal a guy he’s looking to date. You will run into her in the most unexpected places, such as your favorite coffee shop. . It may seem intimidating, but it’s a golden sign for you to chase her. A woman who lingers near you has a crush on you and she doesn’t stop wanting you to fall in love with her.

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2. She accepts your invitation

Women rarely find or make time to hang out with guys they don’t like. It’s still normal for women to reschedule a date because they’re committed. Therefore, unless and until she starts making ridiculous excuses for not honoring your invitation or spending time with you, you’re obviously going to go after her. Pursue her, she will find a way to accept your offers even if it forces her to postpone her other commitments.9ac13fc9 68cf 477e b77b 04d93588dac3

3. She dresses well when you go out

An easy way to tell if she wants you to go after her is when you notice that she always dresses well when you go out. You’ll know it if you catch her in casual clothes when she’s not seeing you, that doesn’t mean she’ll change your wardrobe, but it might make a difference. She dresses because she wants to get your attention. She is dressing you up because she wants to turn your head until you see the princess in her. She expects you to chase her like a hungry dog!

4. She gets annoyed when you talk to other girls

No girl wants to share a guy she loves with another girl. You may not be an item yet, but to her you are her man! Most women think that showing signs of jealousy will make men want them more. She won’t want to hear stories about you hanging out with other girls, she will always want to assert her territory in the presence of other girls. She will even stalk you around girls. From a guy’s perspective, it shows that he is wanted or even needed by this woman. It makes them want to do more to have her in their life.fbe980ee 32e9 4250 b06a 5cb548604fdd

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5. She cares about your feelings

Read more: how to soft reset pokemon xA a girl who likes to have you as her boyfriend will be careful not to hurt your feelings. When she wants you to chase her, she can pretend she doesn’t care, but she’ll be careful enough not to anger you. She always apologizes even when it’s not necessary. She values ​​you and she wouldn’t want avoidable circumstances to create a rift between the two of you.

6. She shares personal information

She shares information that is rarely shared with anyone. It includes her past, her family, nasty habits, secrets and even her plans. It means she trusts you and sees you as worthy to be a part of her life. She has faith in you as her potential boyfriend.1dfaae00 cce1 40a9 99c8 213392877cc2

7. She communicates quickly

A positive sign for you to pursue is when she responds to your texts relatively quickly. It could be a call, a text or an email. When she can’t reply right away, she’ll leave a message like “be right back” because ineffective communication is often rude. A girl who is not interested in a particular guy will ignore his texts or take a long time to reply.

8. She gives meaningful conversations

She wants you to chase her if she gives you a peek into her life. She wants to pique your curiosity by showing you another side of your life that you may not be familiar with. She’s not the type of girl to just discuss with you unnecessary things like new shows on Netflix!2df091fd 0c9a 4cc4 9d82 22ab0328c9b6

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Your move

If you see one or more of these green lights, move and pursue her. Make sure you read the script carefully to see if she just wants to start a friendship or if she’s looking for something more than just a company. Read more: how to wear a choker

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