how to tell if mower deck spindle is bad

Weed Killer Guide may collect part of sales or other compensation from links on this page. A smooth and even cut can never be achieved on your grass without a well-functioning mower deck swivel. Spindles are also an important part of your lawn mower’s mower, when they have problems, you won’t get good results. Several signs can tell you that your lawn mower deck spindle has a problem. We start.

Signs of a faulty lawn mower deck spindle


The following are common problems you may encounter when using your lawn mower’s spindle.

  • Uneven grass after mowing

If you mow your lawn and notice uneven grass, something is probably not working well. The deck spindles work together with the pulleys to ensure that you get a smooth cut. This can also cause the blades to rotate unevenly, sometimes the edges can stop rotating altogether if there are damaged parts. With broken or bent parts, you won’t achieve smooth cuts in your lawn.Read more: How to get to a certain date in vk Do you hear a rattle when riding your tractor or lawn mower? Don’t ignore that as it can lead to more trouble, also you probably won’t get excellent results because something is wrong somewhere. It is possible that the spindles are experiencing problems that you need to address as soon as possible, they may be damaged or their bearings may be worn. You can solve this problem by replacing the main or spindle bearings yourself.

  • Loud humming noise and vibration

Read more: how to celebrate a birthday in nyc You may sometimes notice humming sounds and some vibrations when using the deck of your lawn mower. This process may stop for a while and then return after a few minutes, you need to be aware that the bearings are sealed in the rotating shaft. If you hear vibrations or humming sounds, the bearing in the rotating shaft may be wrong and this can cause random vibrations.

  • Spindle does not heat up

Does your spindle settle after one touch then start to heat up after running for 30-40 minutes? If it doesn’t heat up immediately, it may have lost its preload, you may need to replace it.

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Spindle repair

There are different ways to fix these problems with your lawn mower deck swing shaft. Here’s what you need to do.

Separate the spindle from its lawn mower floor

Read more: How to go to a certain date in vkHow to know if Mower Deck Spindle is bad– Place the lawn mower on a flat surface so it can cool down .– Turn off the brake, then remove the key from the electrical outlet and let the mower cool to avoid burns .– Prevent the lawn mower’s tires from burning. Roll by placing anything in front of the tire.– Put on your gloves and lift the front of the mower. You can place a jack underneath the lawn mower then raise it for quick access below deck. Consider a height of about 1 ft.– Remove the cover of the spindle. Take the spindle cover from the top of the deck. Use a tool such as a torque bit to open the cover and remove it.– Consult your manual to find the perfect fastener for the job.– Remove the bolt above the spindle then remove the pulley. . Find a rag and cover the blades underneath the lawn mower floor.– Take care to hold them as you remove the latch. Remember to hold the pivot and set it aside. Remove the pulley from the spindle.– You may want to keep an eye on the pins by placing them in the bowl so you don’t lose them. – Separate the spindle from the blade. Three bolts are holding the spindle. You need to use the appropriate tool to remove them. Read more: Start a conversation -Things to say to grandparents– If your lawn mower has multiple spindles, repeat this process. Determine the direction the crankshaft faces so you can ease during the reinstallation process.

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Replace main shaft bearings

As mentioned earlier, your crankshaft can be damaged due to problems with its bearings if the pulley wobbles. This is easy enough to replace .– Split the main shaft assembly– Remove each bearing and replace accordingly.– Place the new bearings in place. Place the top bearings above the housing of the spindle and press it into place with a rubber mallet.– Use a socket or pipe to reconnect the shaft to the spindle. Press the shaft of the spindle in the housing to rest next to the inner washer of the upper bearing.

Installing a repaired or new spindle

After removing the spindle, check if it is broken or bent. If it is damaged, you will need to replace the damaged parts.– Connect the repaired or new spindle on the blade then tighten the nut that holds them together.– Return the shaft to the machine floor. cut .– Reset pin, belt, cap spindle and pulley. It is helpful to first place the pulley above the spindle.– After that, you should place the pin above the pulley. Tighten the nut to secure the pulley in place.– Orient the belt to its original position by sliding it over the pulley. You can then replace the spindle cover and fasten it.– Lowering the cutter After completing the spindle repair, lower your cutter to the ground using the jack. Your lawn mower floor should be ready to use now. Problems with the lawn mower floor spindle can affect its normal operation. It’s important to note any signs and see if you can fix the problem. The good thing is that you can fix some problems easily by repairing or replacing the spindle. Read more: How to go to a certain date in vk

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