How To Tell If A Russian Man Likes Me

5 signs that a Russian man likes you It is easy to recognize the affection coming from a Russian man. He won’t try to hide from you. On the contrary, he will make sure that you, your friends, and your boys who might also like you are obvious to you.

1 A Russian man likes you if he jokes a lot about you


He will try to win you over with his sense of humour. Because every Russian man thinks he is good at jokes and everyone else laughs at his jokes. You will hear a lot of that. And while everyone is giggling, he’ll glance at you to check if you also find the joke funny.

2 A Russian man likes you if he flirts

Look at his body language and listen to what he has to say. There will be a lot of attempts to flirt with you. Don’t miss them. He is not a woman’s man.

3 A Russian Man Likes You If He’s Interested In You

Read more: How to oil a model train engine He’ll give you his coat in the freezing cold and will warm your hands if you leave your gloves at home. If he has a car, he will take you anywhere you like even if he has a lot on his agenda.

4 A Russian Man Likes You If He Has Touch

He gently rubs your shoulder as he passes you in the office. He “accidentally” touched your waist while trying to make his way through a crowd on public transport. (Though don’t dismiss it if this is your first time seeing him – it’s scary!) He’s been holding your hand for a while to help you out on the cold pavement in winter or on the slippery floor in a shopping mall.

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5 A Russian Man Likes You If He’s Clinging

Read more: It feels like he has nothing to do every night because he keeps asking you out. Yesterday he asked if you would like to see that famous comedy in the cinema. Today he asked if you want to go to the zoo because he thinks you might like cute animals. And he planned to go see a horse race tomorrow. He says it’s been his dream since childhood but all his friends are allergic to horses.desktop background 3061483 1280The more he likes you, the more attached he will be to you. He will start buying you gifts and wants to spend every second of his time with you. Because Russian men are very quick to end the dating phase by asking you to be his girlfriend. Yes, this sounds weird as in Russia, men ask this question. Read more: How to attract cats with sound

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