How To Tell An Ex You Miss Him

When it comes to contacting an ex, the words “I miss you” are predictable. People are heartbroken when they receive the message “I miss you”. Whether they want to hear from their ex or not, the cliché message is inseparable from ridicule. Sending a casual “I miss you” text will never go well. Read: How to tell your ex you miss him Keep scrolling to see our tips on how to tell your ex you miss them without cliché.

Find an apology


The usual “I miss you” text often appears at random, late at night, when the recipient of the message is least expected. To avoid setting that famous trap, find a good reason to reach out to your ex. It could be a family member’s birthday, holiday, birthday — really, it could be any occasion your ex spent with you. By finding a valid reason to text your ex, you can reach out without having to immediately see how much you miss them. You can sense if they are open to discussing your relationship or if they are completely supportive of you.(Grown-ish via Freeform)

Get cold

Read more: how to replace the chevy silverado throttle position sensor You can miss your ex so much it hurts, but you can’t immediately plunge into how empty and sad you feel. In fact, you shouldn’t even start by telling your ex that you miss them. If you are that strong, you will frighten them. Instead, start the conversation on a less serious note. Ask them how they’ve been, or remind them of the good times you both spent together. However, if you choose to start your conversation, be sure you will be very cold. If you can stay calm, you’ll increase your chances of a real conversation. If you immediately start the conversation with an emotional note, your ex is likely to roll her eyes and refuse to respond.

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Don’t say you miss them

Here’s a tip: If you’re texting your ex and are actually trying to chat, they already know you miss them. Saying it over and over is just superfluous. Instead of making a cliché, say literally anything else except that you miss your ex. Tell them you’ve been thinking about them. Explain that you are reminiscing about good times and that makes you sad. Express your regrets about the way your relationship ended. All of this will be directed at your ex without forcing you to send out the dreaded “I miss you.”Pretty little liars: Spencer staring at her phone(Beautiful Liars via Freeform)

To the problem

Before contacting your ex, decide what you want out of your conversation. Would you like to meet for coffee and chat? Want to see if they still have feelings for you? Whatever you need from the dialogue, get to your point as quickly as possible. Instead of venting all your feelings and putting yourself in a vulnerable and potentially embarrassing position, work towards your goals and don’t get distracted. By pushing yourself towards a specific goal, you eliminate the need for emotional “I miss you” talk that is more likely to confuse and upset both you and your ex.

Protected, but kind

Read more: how to catch an octopus with a fishing rod The problem with the regular “I miss you” text is that it puts all your cards on the table before you have any idea where your ex is. Now, they are in a position of power, where they can determine what will happen in the future. To keep some power to yourself, enter the conversation with caution. Don’t reveal all your feelings. Instead, ask your ex and try to figure out if they want to reconnect with you before you tell them how much you missed them. ex is harsh or has no feeling. After all, if you miss them, you want it to be a good conversation. Be sweet and kind while keeping some of your deeper feelings to yourself until you have a better understanding of how your ex feels.Sierra Burgess Is a Loser: Sierra texts while reclining in bed(Sierra Burgess Is a Loser via Netflix)

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Do not push it

If you don’t get a positive response from your ex, don’t push. Don’t send them millions of unanswered messages or try to force them to talk to you. If you’re struggling to even get a response, you already know everything you need to know. It’s okay to miss your ex, but you have to accept that they may not miss you. Begging them to come back turns you into the worst kind of cliché – a needy ex. Click HERE to find out if you should send them a happy birthday text after you’ve broken up. Read more: how to keep burgers from shrinking

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