How To Take The Mop Head Off The Spin Mop

How to remove Spin Mop Head? To keep the house clean and tidy, the Spin mop is one of the most popular household tools that many homeowners are using. There are several opportunities that you can use to mop with the most modern mop you have. However, after a few uses from deep cleaning in the house, your broom may get dirty and need to be cleaned. If the mop gets dirty, your cleaning efforts will go to waste. The only choice you have is to wash the mop head or replace it with a new one, in case your mop head is still usable you can remove the head and wash it. Before washing the mop head, you need to remove the mop head properly to avoid damage or breakage of the mop head. For squeegee mops, you need to remove the mop head before washing. Each model from a different manufacturer has different twist and turn markings. That’s why opening a mop can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before. Branded rotary mops should have an instruction manual that you can read. Instructions for disassembling the head are included in the manual. Many times, people overlook this aspect so that they don’t know what happens with their rotary head stuck or broken. So always play by the book. Read more: how to clean the French Bulldog’s earsInfographic on how to remove the Spin Wipe headIn case you cannot find the manual, you can read the manual provided on the official website of the rotary mop model. Alternatively, you can contact their customer care to help you with this method. By using your hands, you can rotate the mop head slightly. If it sticks or doesn’t follow your twist, you may be doing it the wrong way. There’s a good chance you’re on the right track the first time you try. The point is that you need to see the twist, and then you can pull the tip off the mop. Gently pull it off the shaft and you’re good to go. Note that some models require more force to release their mop head. If the manual you read says so, do not hesitate to use your strength as it will not interfere with the product. Gently pull on the mop head, and you’re good to go. Read more: how to make a tutu easter basket Sometimes the mop head sticks to the attachment. You should also remove the attachment before washing the mop’s extractor head. Note that not all heads are machine washable. Again, you will need to read the official instructions from the manufacturer about this. The attachment can be wire or rubbing material. If you ignore this, chances are the head can damage your washing machine. Removing the enclosure is also very easy to do. With a few efforts, it will become your nature. Thank you for reading and hope this trick helps you.Also, watch the following video to know more about: Read more: How to draw spider web

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