How To Tag Someone On Youtube

When you see something interesting on your timeline, your instinct is to tag or mention your friends in a post to share it with them, right? Although tagging is widely used on other social networking sites, tagging is not quite the same on YouTube. In this article, we will show you the newest ways to mention other people on Youtube.Table of contents:Read: how to tag someone on youtube

  • Why can’t I tag someone on Youtube
  • How to tag someone on Youtube in the comments
  • How to tag someone on Youtube in video title and description
  • Epilogue

Why can’t I tag someone on Youtube


Why can’t I tag my friends on YoutubeEver since Google acquired Youtube 15 years ago, the platform has grown into the world’s largest video search engine. During this time, YouTube has continuously changed both its interface and features to make it more user-friendly, easier to navigate. platform that Google once owned and operated, Google+. That means when you tag another user in the comments, you’ll tag their Google+ profile. However, Google+ has a low user engagement rate and is difficult to meet consumer expectations. As a result, Google was forced to shut down the consumer version of Google+ in March 2019. That means YouTube functions built with Google+ are also affected, including tagging. in a Youtube comment to let them know that you want them to watch an interesting video. However, you can still do some kind of “tagging” on Youtube by replying to users in a comment thread or mentioning them in your video title and description.

How to tag someone on Youtube in the comments

We’ll show you step-by-step how to tag someone on youtube, but basically the current method of tagging people on comments on Youtube works this way:

  • There is a “Reply” button in each comment. When you click the button, it will automatically tag the comment owner.
  • When you post your answer, the tagged usernames will be highlighted in blue.
  • Note that you can only tag other users if you are already logged in to your Youtube account. And this tagging no longer works for mobile devices.
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Read more: Hi-Yield Muriate of Potash 0-0-60 – Q&A Now let’s get straight to the latest Youtube tagging technique.Step 1: Open your favorite web browser and go to topqa .infolYlzBTuStep 2: Enter your search query for the video for which you want to tag users. Click the video’s thumbnail or title to open it, and scroll down to find the comment you’d like to reply to.67iE8ENStep 3: Click the “Reply” button under the comment and enter your comment in the text box.Step 4: Click “Reply” again and you have done tagging Youtube users in comments.Read more:

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How to tag someone on Youtube in video title and description

Besides replying to other users’ comments, you can also tag someone on Youtube by mentioning them in your video title or description. Doing so will link to their channel homepage and they will receive a notification in their inbox. Their subscribers may also see the video as a recommendation. Read more: how to hold a pool stick with your left hand There are a few things to keep in mind before mentioning someone in your video title and description:

  • Both your channel and the channel you want to mention must have more than 1000 subscribers.
  • Just like tagging on Youtube comments, you can only tag someone from Youtube Studio on your desktop. This feature is not yet available on the Youtube mobile app.
  • In addition to these channels, you can mention as many channels as you want as long as the entire text is within the character limits of the title or description field.
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The process of mentioning other channels in the video title or description is simple. In Youtube Studio, when you create or edit a video’s title or description, simply type the “@” symbol and then enter the channel name you want to mention without spaces. There will be a drop-down list with username suggestions for you to choose from. Example: “A Youtube video of @username”fG5eLkrExamples of mentioning other channels on video titles and descriptionsExamples of Mentioning Other Channels on Video Title and Description Complete the rest of the settings and click “Publish” to share your video with other Youtube users.

Will Youtube roll out the new tagging feature?

Any future for the return of taggingAny Future for the Return of Tagging As of 2021, Youtube may be one of the few remaining social medias without tagging. The only way to tag someone on this platform is to reply to someone’s comment and Youtube will notify the comment owner of the new mention. This can be inconvenient for users as they are used to tagging on other platforms. YouTube hasn’t said if it will restore tagging. However, they are working tirelessly to improve the user interface and user experience in order to give users maximum convenience. Youtube is ready to tailor its services to the urgent needs of its users. So it’s highly likely that they will add tagging in the future if they see a high demand for this feature from existing users.Related Posts:

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Final thoughts

Despite the lack of “proper” tagging, you can still tag other users on Youtube. Despite this, Youtube is still an online video sharing giant with more than 500 hours of content uploaded every minute and a billion hours of content watched every day. We are not sure what Youtube will bring us in the future, but we can guarantee that Youtube is always ahead in the field of technology and serving what users need most. So never give up hope if you want tagging back to Youtube! Read more: how to draw a grid for a cylinder

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