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Terraria: Eater of Worlds Boss Guide

Combat tips and equipment recommendations

Cannibal – Terraria’s corrupt boss Defeating the Cannibal allows your character to craft Shadow Armor and Nightmare Pickaxe, both important steps in the progression of the game. normal level. This guide to preparing, summoning, and defeating this boss will help you outsmart him, farm him if needed, and progress to tougher challenges like Skeletron and Queen Bee. not available in the Crimson world without creating an artificial biome. While the Shadow Armor and Pickaxe sets aren’t as powerful as their Crimson counterparts, you don’t have to fight tough enemies like those found in the Crimson. All players will be equal by the time they face the Wall of Flesh, and Shadow Gear is perfectly suited to take on Queen Bee and Skeletron. Prepare for the World's Boss Making sure there is an open area to fight the boss is key here. It’s very long and you need room to maneuver. In this case, I didn’t want to have to resist it from the water, where my movement would be slowed down, so I used wooden platforms on the water. Read more: how to reverse the integration order | Top Question & Prepare for FightFirst, note the location of Shadow Orbs in the area. You’ll need 3 hits with a hammer to summon it, so plan for a 3rd smash near an empty area. If water is present – as in my unfortunate case, a wooden pedestal to stay steady without slowing your movement can be very helpful. Regarding armor, you should have one that gives you – at least – 12 animals. You can even mix and match Iron/Gold/Silver shards to get this, possibly more from your Accessories – that makes it a treat. If you have at least 260 or more lifespans, it doesn’t matter if you only have 10-12. If not, you need more armor. It is recommended to use a weapon that can deal at least 17 damage to multiple parts (melee). You can get Light’s Bane from defeating the Eye of Cthulhu and its Demonite drops, and this should be enough. The sword can hit multiple parts and area/piercing damage is what you want, and a single target will force you to kill its massive 7485 HP one at a time. The measurement is not good. Smash the Shadow Orb with the hammer to summon the boss. Every third will summon him. Smashing Shadow Orbs not only summon the boss (every 3), it also attracts Meteors to your world. One will eventually hit the mark, if not immediately! World Eater Summon World Eaters are summoned once after every three Shadow Orbs you smash with your hammer. You’ll gain some loot for doing so, and also allow your world to spawn Meteors. More orbs are more likely to spawn Meteors, and there are more useful devices to be made from. Remember what I said above and plan the third one to be near a suitable area to fight the boss, so you can run there and engage it. Once you’re out of the Shadow Orbs, you need Rotten Chunks (15) and Vile Powder (30) to feed the Worms at Demon Altar. Take Vile Powder from Vile Mushroom found growing in Corruption, then use them at Alchemy Station to get 5 of each. Eater of Worlds is an easier fight than Brain of Cthulhu Eater is generally an easier fight than Brain of Cthulhu. Piercing is important to both. Hit multiple segments at once and the 7k+ life he has isn’t nearly as much as you might think. Read more: how to remove rainx from windshield You can trick it into tunneling in such a way that you can stand next to it while it’s rolling and spinning or casting your magic. Anything that can be hit multiple times is recommended. When you damage the head or the segments inside, a new head will grow. You can halve this guy enough for four or more Eaters to lunge at you. The smaller ones seem to be faster, but that may just be perception. Defeat Boss Eater of Worlds As you get closer to victory, more worms can spawn as new heads sprout. The ends have less HP, so it might be a little easier then. Any Mini-Eater with only 3 pieces left will die when you kill the next one. Always stay close and have an escape route if it rolls around you, resulting in contact injury. The head does the most, followed by the body. Thankfully, its armor is low. Each segment you destroy will give you Shadow scales and Demon Ores, so even death is not a total loss. Once you’ve beaten the final segment, the battle is over and you can return home to craft your Shadow Set. Demonite and Shadow Scales can make for some great armor early in the game, see you for the better. You’ll have enough Shadow Scale to craft a Pickaxe, but may want to fight him twice to make sure you get everything Demonite has to offer. It was just a big stepping stone and the destruction of the orbs allowed the Meteors to fall. Once they do, you’ll be in a great position to mine it with your new Pickaxe and Armor. You ask Shadow Scales to craft a Nightmare Pickaxe that can mine Hellstone and Obsidian. This gear will also allow you to kill Queen Bees and Skeletons, leading to better things, like the Bee Gun and awesome loot found in Dungeons. Read more: How to wear a cowboy hat

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