How To Style Your Hair Like Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper is not only famous as a baseball player, representing the Washington national team, but also for the iconic hairstyles that have made him famous both on and off the field. It is through his unique hairstyles that his passion for fashion becomes apparent, among which are famously combed, Mohawk, slick back and undercut hairstyles. Bryce Harper’s haircut images have shaken his fans as well as fashion enthusiasts around the world.

#1: Bryce Harper has her beard back


The hair has a lot of height and texture and the beard is cut short with some extra growth on the chin. This contrasting hairstyle can be perfect for a casual or formal look. Hair is kept long and swept back with a bit of added height. Applying a styling product is essential to maintaining volume as well as shape. You can do it at home or have a barber come to you at least twice a week.

#1: Bryce Harper combed back hairstyle

Bryce Harper's Hairstyle Back CombThe hair is grown long with the back part hanging down to the neck. The sides are cut short and a beard is connected to the sideburns to complete the hairstyle. Bryce often wears this hairstyle, especially when facing interviews. A pair of sunglasses adds style, making it a one-of-a-kind. Use hairspray before combing your hair back to keep it shiny and in place.

#1: Bryce Hairstyles Against the Wind

Bryce Hairstyle against the windThis hairstyle took Bryce at least 30 long minutes to do before going on the field. The simple reason is that this hairstyle can withstand the pressure of the wind and not be out of place. Use a thick gel and heighten the hair before smoothing it back. This hairstyle will need regular maintenance, and with a complimenting beard the hairstyle will become unique.

#1: Short shot with a Bryce Harper undercut

Slicked with Bryce Harper undercut styleThe hair is cut to medium length and the sides are cut short. The hair is added in height before being swept back, taking this Bryce hairstyle to the next level. There’s a ton of thickness and length on top that makes this hairstyle an icon. Men must be present to compliment hairstyle #1: Undercut Sides with Medium Top Bryce StyleUndercut Sides with Medium Top Bryce StyleThe hair on the top is cut to medium length, creating moderate thickness and the sides are cut short. The sides are trimmed to get the desired length of the cut, and the beard is well-groomed to add character to the hairstyle. This Bryce hairstyle is being followed by baseball players in recent times. Really this style can be very attractive. #1: Back Brush with Side LockComb back with side buckleA great hairstyle by Bryce Harper, this one features a side cut, a side swept back with curls, and a loose curl from one side. Hair on the back reaches the neckline and a beard is grown to medium length to complement the hairstyle. It takes a lot of patience to enhance this hairstyle. Bryce had this tenacity and that’s why his hairstyle is iconic. #1: Batman Bryce Harper HairstyleBatman Bryce Harper HairstyleThe medium length hair on the top is pushed back to form a men’s bun, like a half ponytail. There is a lot of creativity in this hairstyle, that is, the hair is kept full length and the sides are cut in an undercut style. The beard style is a Garibaldi style with a wide and rounded bottom. Bryce is seen here in a normal mood.Read more: How to get rid of cockroaches without cockroach killer #1: Low opacity long glossy black hairdoLong black dyed hairstyle with low opacityThe hair is raised long, dyed black and swept back to raise this hairstyle to a new level. Men with short hair should not try this hairstyle. A formal hairstyle, this hairstyle will require a lot of patience to groom. Looking at the beard in this style, simply touching the sideburns leads to the undercut. You’ll need a good amount of gel to complete this look #1: Bryce Harper Back PonytailBryce Harper slicked back ponytailNotice the small ponytail shown by Bryce Harper after pushing her medium length hair back. The sides are slightly cut short with the beard combined with sideburns to fully enhance this hairstyle. All you need is to dry your hair with a towel, add gel and brush it back. Use the trimmer to trim the sides, setting the desired length. #1: Bryce Harper Bearded Batman HairstyleBryce Harper Bearded Batman HairstyleThis hairstyle is really impressive, with the batman hairstyle complemented by a beard. To add to the style, the sides have a low leather opacity. You will need the skills of a professional barber to style this hairstyle of the old school days. This Bryce Harper hairstyle is one of the latest trends in modern styling. #1: High-low undercut hairstyle with medium-swept backHigh-low profile with lightly stroked back halfThis haircut looks like a real celebrity and is one of the signature haircuts that Bryce Harper often shows off. The sides are cut in a low-high style using a pair of scissors cut to the desired length. The hair on the top is left to medium length and half swept back. A beard combined with sideburns adds to the style. This hairstyle will need regular maintenance such as trimming the sides and beard and brushing the hair back after applying glue. #1: Style with Undercut Sides Bryce HarperSpikes with Undercut Sides Bryce Harper StyleNotice the cropping on the sides, where using a trimmer is set to short length and the top hair is given volume and height before brushing. The raised spikes make this Bryce Harper hairstyle a one-of-a-kind look that’s often seen in the field. #1: Undercut Sides with Wavy Top and Razor PartTrim the sides with a wavy top and a razor cutThe hair on the top is wavy and the sides are cut short with the razor clearly visible. The three characteristics of this Bryce Harper haircut combine well to create a unique hairstyle. The beard with a soul sticker accentuates the celebrity style. #1: Front Flip Top Razor Design Low OpacityFront Flip Flip Down Top Razor Design Low OpacityRead more: how to clean shower doors with protective coating Note the height in this Bryce Harper haircut, where the sides have low opacity and a razor-sharp design. The top part of the hair is left loose in the front, adding more creativity to the hairstyle. You will need a skilled hand to create this hairstyle and also need regular maintenance. Bryce spent a lot of time showing off this hairstyle. #1: Flip from top to bottom Medium Height with Undercut SidesFlip Up Moderate Height with Cross SectionThe hair on the top is pushed back more or less like a Mohawk style, and the back and sides are an undercut style. Beards could be a good way to accentuate this Bryce Harper hairstyle. Ideal for formal occasions and styling the opposite sex. #1: Fade Undercut with Side PartFade Undercut with Side PartIt was thanks to her hairstyles that Bryce Harper became famous on the baseball field and this hairstyle is an example. The sides are trimmed to fade and the hair on the top is parted to the side. The height of the hair is a remarkable point that makes this hairstyle so attractive. #1: Undercut Sides with Long Slicked BackUndercut Sides with Long Slicked BackThe hair on the top is kept long and swept back with the hair cut on the sides. Use a gel that stands out from the height and volume of the top hair. The sideburns should not be connected to the cut, but a beard extension will compliment the beautiful hairstyle.Rough and short head with cross-sectionThe side undercut is one of Bryce Harper’s favorite hairstyles. This style has the sides cropped up to the ears and the top has short, coarse hair. The hair on the top is cut short and rough due to not combing it every day #1: Crazy and shiny upside down hairCrazy and shiny upside down hairThis is the hairstyle that Bryce Harper often uses to dress up, especially after the show parties after the game. Hair is dyed and neatly combed back. The close shaved beard enhances the style. This hairstyle looks like an old man. #1: Low Fade with Knot and Half Hard PartLow opacity with knots and half hardwareHair is left long to tie with a headband, The sides are low fade and party is styled semi hard. The back is shaved and a beard connects to the sideburns, making Bryce Harper’s haircut look great. This hairstyle requires little maintenance and is ideal for those who spend little time on styling their hair. a racerback bra

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