How To Stream League Of Legends With Obs

Streaming League of Legends with OBS Studio Using Two Scenes: League of Legends Streaming can be easy and visually engaging using two scenes, one for the lobby and one for the game .

Setting a new scene for the Alliance lobby


  • Click the “+” button in the scene box to add a new scene and name it “Tournament Lobby”. Read: how to stream legend league with obsfirst
  • Add a new “Window Capture” and name it “League Client”. In the properties window, select “LeagueClientUx.exe” under “Window”.2
  • You can now add your other stream elements (webcams, alerts, overlays, etc.)
  • Set up League of Legends to stream

    League of Legends is relatively lightweight and streaming-friendly, but you should limit its FPS so as not to overload your graphics card when using OBS at the same time. Read more: how to fix separated stairs | Q&AI to give OBS some space to work we need to enable vertical sync (v-sync) or set an FPS limit in the game. Using the built-in FPS limit is preferred as v-sync will cause some input lag, which many players don’t like. options menu (ESC key), go to Video and scroll down to “Advanced” and set FPS limit (preferred) or enable “Vertical sync wait” (smoother, but causes input lag).3Depending on your graphics card and monitor, we recommend setting it to 60 or 120 FPS. If you have a high refresh rate gaming monitor, you may also want to go for the 144 here. Open Keep League and replace tab back to OBS.

    Set up a new scene for the Alliance in the game

  • Click the “+” button in the scene box to add a new scene and name it “League In-Game”
  • Add a new game shot or reuse an existing game shot if you already have other game scenes. Set it to capture a specific window and select “League of”. You can also use background game auto-capture or use the hotkey method (preferred if you play a lot of different games). 4
  • You can now add your other stream elements (webcams, alerts, etc.)
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    Set up the transition scene between lobby and in-game

    OBS allows you to use three ways to transform scenes:

  • manually by clicking on them
  • manually using scene-specific hotkeys
  • automatically use the automatic scene switcher
  • Read more: All about Aegyo Sal and how to achieve look 1 is impractical because you need to get rid of your gamme, so we will focus on 2 & 3.

    Use hotkeys to switch scenes

    OBS offers you to set up hotkeys to switch to specific scenes. Use something easy to use and easy to remember so that switching scenes becomes a habit. For example: Ctrl + Shift + Number. To set a hotkey for a scene, go to File > Settings > Hotkeys. Scroll down to the scene where you want to assign the hotkey, click the input box, and press the hotkey you want to use.5

    Use the automatic scene switcher

    The automatic scene switcher allows you to define simple conditions when OBS should switch to another scene. This is especially useful for games that have separate in-game lobbies and screens, or if you switch apps frequently and have separate layouts for them.6

  • Select “League of Legends” here for the lobby client and “League of Legends (TM) Client” for the in-game window.
  • Choose the right scene that OBS will switch to
  • Click the “+” sign to add a new rule. Repeat for each condition as seen here.
  • You can choose a default scene that OBS will switch to if it doesn’t find any of the windows listed above. Use “No Transformation” if OBS is still in the last used scene.
  • Don’t forget to turn on the scene switcher
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    Once enabled, OBS will automatically switch between your lobby and in-game scenes as soon as your League matches start and end. No hotkeys needed and no worries about accidentally displaying the wrong scene! Read more: how to break 100 in golf

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