How To Store A Skateboard

I’ve collected quite a few decks and boards since I started this blog and needed a way to properly store my skateboards and decks. I remember my parents talking a lot about leaving my skateboards in places where someone could get hurt. Not only that, storing your skates in the wrong place can harm your deck, truck, hardware, and bearings. did, get some guitar hangers and you’ll have the perfect way to store your skateboard. Take a look at some of the options, most of which are pretty cheap! Read: how to care for skateboards

What is the best way to store skateboards?


Here are a few ways to take care of your skateboard:

  • Buy a guitar stand, they’re really cheap and perfect for storing a single board of any size.
  • Buy a skateboard stand, this is more expensive and you can easily make one yourself.
  • Garage hook for single board storage
  • Wall cord works well
  • Hangers (2x) might work if they can carry your truck.
  • Hang the deck on the wall using a frame or wall mount.
  • Please keep that in mind. You need to store it in a dry place that is not too warm. Moisture will destroy your bearings and even skateboard trucks can oxidize. Not only rain, temperature can also affect performance. Heat can also warp your deck but only if it is extremely hot and you leave the deck exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.

    How to hang the skateboard floor on the wall

    Skateboard floor hanging on the wallSome decks are not meant to be trashed, for example a collector’s deck often costs you an arm and a leg and you really want to make sure to display them safely. You could also just drill a few screws through the holes but that won’t give you a nice ‘floating’ effect. Another option is to hang your deck with fish-string, but it doesn’t look very appealing.

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    Sk8ology floor display

    Sk8ology provides a quick and easy way to display your precious decks. Just drill a hole and mount the wall mount, it only takes a few minutes! Read more: how to create a handsome character in gta online table. If you want to mount multiple decks on the wall, make sure to use the spirit level tool to even them out. Cutting them out can be quite a challenge, but you can adjust the mount a bit so they align properly.

  • Use drill bit size 7/32
  • Insert drywall anchor
  • Screw in the bolt and make sure the wall mount is level
  • If you want to lock your deck, first remove the T nuts and move the nuts further down, then securely reattach them to lock your deck.
  • Optional, make the holes slightly wider using the same drill size if the T nuts don’t fit (very likely to happen). It won’t damage your deck and it won’t lose any value. Just be careful not to scratch the deck using the drill bit. Older skaters like me often enjoy collecting decks, be it a reissue or just something you get from eBay. Sk8ology offers a smart solution and it’s not difficult to do it yourself if you have the right tools. However, it’s pretty cheap, looks great, and probably takes less effort to buy them.

    Skateboard frame set

    Skateboard frame in wall bracketNow that we have covered cheaper solutions, you may also want to check out the Sk8tolgy Frame Kit. A truly rare deck that deserves professional display and they’ve got you covered. I wouldn’t want to hang a rare and expensive vintage deck on a pile of bolts, so why not just frame your deck. Pop your deck (kind of aesthetic). I haven’t bought one myself as they’re not available here, but I think they look pretty good and cost about $60. Well-deserved and a real eye-catcher.

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    How to store skateboards in the garage

    Obviously you don’t want to leave it on the ground. You just need to store it in a cupboard or wardrobe, make sure it is a dry place, not too hot. Place your board on its side on the ground where no one can step on it or mount it on a wall. All three of these options are very cheap and easy to set up, taking only a few minutes. This way your board won’t be penetrated by anyone and is safe from dirt and moisture. There are many different skateboard racks on the market, but they are often priced slightly higher. It’s pretty easy to do this yourself and save some money (depending on the materials you use).

    Create your own skate rack

    This is really easy and probably cheaper than fancy bamboo stands. You can even get creative and use a few blank boards to make a skateboard stand. Before you begin, make sure you know how many boards you want to store, which can be left empty in place if you decide to get another one. expensive. I won’t walk you through the whole process because there are so many FREE plans available on the web and this video should give you an idea. Don’t forget to check out Pinterest and Etsy before you start your project. with the most amazing skateboard stand!

    Why you should take care of your skateboard properly

    Although skateboards are meant to be moved in the trash, rain, sand, dust, sun and other things can’t be harmful to your skateboard. Handling your board properly means not slipping in the rain and storing it properly. Here are some reasons why memory is important:

    • Your trucks can start to oxidize when they get wet,
    • Bushings dry out and stop working when exposed to the sun for too long (under extreme heat conditions)
    • Bearings won’t last long when they get wet, they stop spinning and cleaning won’t do you much good.
    • Your deck definitely shouldn’t get wet as the flooded deck loses its squeak and is prone to snaps
    • Finally, if your hardware gets oxidized, your truck could explode
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    There are ways to take care of your skateboard, and if you’re smart about it, it won’t cost you much. Don’t look specifically for skateboard racks or skateboard storage, think outside. There are many wall mounting systems that allow you to store your skateboard or hang your deck on the wall. You just need something that can support your truck and can be wall mounted. Just make sure you keep your deck safe, some decks are too special to shred.

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