How To Store A Mink Coat

Depending on your city, the arrival of spring means you may not need your fur coat for a while. At the same time, you must make sure that it is properly stored and maintained so that it can continue to promote its beauty, comfort and warmth in the coming winter. While a standard coat can be easily substituted, you cannot do the same with a real fur coat because the latter is too expensive to be ignored. Also, you must be aware that unlike other clothing, there are some elements at play that can damage real fur. Here’s how to preserve fur coats at home. Read: how to care for mink coatsAlthough we recommend storing fur at a temperature of about 50 degrees with a humidity of approximately 50%, professional cold storage vaults may not be accessible in your area, which is why. why this article was written.

first. Choose a dark spot to store the fur


The combination of direct sunlight and fur does not produce a positive result. Regular sun exposure can damage the quality of the coat. So, the best way to store fur coats at home is to keep them in a dark place. For example, people often use closets out of direct sunlight, like the closet in the hallway. Conversely, do not store it anywhere near your windows.

2. Plan cold storage for fur coats

Choosing the right care is very important to preserve your fur coat. Ideally, you should cut out hot areas in your home. When a fur coat is exposed to heat, it dries out both the skin and the fur, resulting in permanent damage to the fur. So keep in mind that naturally, cold storage for fur coats is quite effective. Find an area in your home that is naturally cool or where you have installed your air conditioner. For example, you can store your fur coat in a closet or on the first floor, where central air conditioning can keep it dry and cool. More importantly, when summer comes, you have to be extra vigilant about keeping your coat cold during the hottest months of the season.Sheared Mink Coat Silver Fox Collar

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3. Choose not to use wet locations

As a fur wearer, it’s important to understand what types of conditions and factors can have devastating effects on your fur. So, in addition to heat, you also have to take into account humidity, which is considered to be able to damage real fur. When fur is exposed to moisture for long periods of time, it can naturally dry out. This is done because temperatures are cooler in basements. However, they were not able to assess the effects of the high humidity that often occurs in basements. As a result, the condition of the fur will deteriorate. In addition, experts recommend using a dehumidifier for those rooms that are used to store fur. Remember that 45-55% humidity is considered ideal for storing fur coats at home.

4. Avoid using Moth Balls and Cedar Closets

To ward off threats such as vermin and rodents, many people use mothballs as a safety measure. But what if that very safety measure could damage a fur coat? The use of cedar blocks is equally troublesome. Read more: GTA 5: How to drive a car So, why exactly are these materials detrimental to fur coats? Both mothballs and cedars can quickly increase humidity, thereby causing direct damage to fur coats. Moreover, these materials have a strong, unshakable odor. When fur coats are preserved with mothballs or cedars, they can also absorb their odors. Unfortunately, once this happens, it will take a lot of work to get rid of the bad smell from your fur coat. Lavender is often used to repel insects from bed sheets and clothing and it is placed in storage spaces such as closets and dressers. Moreover, you don’t have to struggle with the smell as it gives off a pleasant smell.

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5. Choose the right hanger

You can’t just hang your fur coat like other clothes. Choosing the wrong hanger can tarnish the quality of your fur coat. Therefore, choose a wide hanger that is able to withstand the full weight of the jacket.

6. Choose a canvas bag

Fur people sometimes use plastic bags to store their fur at home — a big mistake. You have to understand that furs really have to breathe, which means you can’t use plastics to preserve your fur coats as they can dry them out. You can use fur-friendly cotton linens or clothes instead. Also, make sure your bag size doesn’t fit; it must be larger to ensure that your fur can “breathe” easily. If you are unsure of where to get a fur bag, buy Kaufman fur not only is one of the best furs out there, they also offer a high quality fur bag.

7. Don’t overfill your wardrobe

Limit your wardrobe with fur coats — a fur coat shouldn’t fit in an already packed closet. Down jackets need a bit of room or they can get damaged. You can free up space from your closet or choose another space that suits you.Picasso Collection Multi-colored mink coat

8. Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

If you still have questions about how to care for your fur coat at home, you can visit or contact Marc Kaufman. Marc Kaufman has been a contributor for the past 150 years. In about fifteen decades, they have become one of the leading experts in furs in the region. Therefore, buy a Kaufman fur to make sure your fur enthusiasm doesn’t hit a hitch Read more: how to change the drive belt on a riding lawn mower

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