How To Stop Your Jeans From Ripping On The Inner Thigh

One reader asked for advice on how to keep jeans from showing off the inner thighs. Part of her email: Hi Alison – One thing I have trouble with is getting my jeans out on the inner thighs. I bought some expensive jeans that look great, however because they were “washed” so quickly they wear very quickly. Embarrassed and annoyed! I ironed some patches to get a little more life out of them. Any advice? At first I thought it was the size, but I just noticed that a pair of jeans I bought in the fall was a 14, the right size for me is also starting to wear. Inner thighs: Between the inner thighs, wear and tear due to friction. Whether you’re a size 4 or 24, there’s a chance your thighs touch and rub together as you walk. Thigh touching is a perfectly normal, healthy, and beautiful aspect of a woman’s body. But it’s annoying when it tears your favorite pair of jeans.

How to prevent jeans from wearing out on the inside of the thighs

The more jeans you wash, the more you break down the fibers, making the jeans thinner and more prone to breakage. Jeans do not need to be washed after each wear and should never be put in the dryer. For stains, consider spot treatment and air dry. The less time you spend drying your jeans in the machine, the longer they will last. Consider using a gentle cycle and washing your jeans inside out to reduce friction in the machine on the inner outer thighs. has a whole line of products for washing denim. Train Denim laundry detergent is a low-moisture wash just for jeans and a favorite among denim enthusiasts. Some readers shared that Dark Woolite Not only does it keep the color of the denim fabric, but it also cleans them without damaging the fibers. If your jeans just smell, there’s no need to wash them. Although studies have proven otherwise, many people still swear that if you put your jeans in the freezer; The cold kills the odor-causing bacteria. If you don’t want your jeans to touch frozen food, put them in a large Ziploc bag; This process will still work. Read more: How long does it take to wash a tattoo There are also products specifically created to renew denim fabric. This product by Mr. Will clean, refresh and prevent stains from sticking and has antibacterial properties.Refresh your own fabric: Mix three parts water to one part vodka and add a few drops of essential oils of your favorite scent and pour into a spray bottle. When this solution dries on your jeans, it will take away the smell! Shop the best denim cleaners and refreshers: You might also like: Best stain removers for clothes If you find a pair of jeans that you love but they’re made of fabric Soft, thick denim, or light denim, you can strengthen them before wearing. It might not make sense, but what’s inside the jeans will help preserve the outside.

  • Denim patch Applying to the inside of jeans on the inner thighs before wearing will protect that area and reduce the risk of your jeans coming apart.
  • Men find that wearing shorts keeps their jeans longer; This is also true for women. Wearing knitted panties, shorts, or controlled shorts underneath your jeans will help them last longer. Short or pet is a great option if you don’t want to feel constrained.
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Buy Pettipants and Slip Shorts: Over the years, many readers have suggested wearing jeans with Scotchguard. That’s right, the spray you use to prevent stains on your seats can also prevent holes in your denim. I have not tried and do not intend to do so but I wanted to share if you are comfortable with this product. thigh area, let dry (it will be virtually invisible), and you’re ready to go. I have also heard of people rubbing a bar of soap containing clear glycerine on the inner thighs of jeans to prevent friction. We often have a favorite pair of jeans that we wear for days in a row. The problem is, if you don’t give your jeans a chance to cool and wear again, they’re more likely to get worn out. Moisture and bacteria from the body can cause fabric fibers to become brittle and damaged. Don’t save them for when the first pair wears out, switch between the two (and if possible, leave a few days between where you wear other things) and both pairs will last longer. In a drawer at the end of the day, consider hanging them up for ventilation so they can dry properly. This provides more space in the knee, thigh and crotch areas for comfort, but it also prevents the fabric from stretching. Doing this before sitting will help your jeans stretch less, reducing the risk of jeans tearing. If your jeans are too tight on the thighs, back and hips, the stress especially when sitting and squatting over time will wear down the denim. in ultimate suitability and effectiveness. And a perfectly tailored pair of jeans can make you look taller, thinner, and feel like a million bucks!

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Do expensive jeans last longer than cheaper jeans?

Neither the brand name nor the price of the jeans determine how long a pair of jeans will last before they leave the factory. The deciding factor is usually the weight of the denim fabric. In the reader’s original email, she mentioned a brand that I also wear. Same brand, same price, but different washing. Soft denim, denim with Lycra, linen, or another fiber, and any denim with a weatherproof finish or classic finish are more likely to fray than thick or “rigid” denim. “.Tips to keep jeans from fraying and how to patch denim clothes

How to mend torn and worn jeans

Don’t wait until a hole has actually formed in your jeans. As soon as you notice a thin fabric, patch the area to strengthen the space and prolong the life of your beloved denim. As mentioned above, denim patches are on sale and make it easy to make a thin piece of fabric sturdier.

  • The simplest method: This link is from WikiHow offers a way to fix by hand, one with a sewing machine, and even video tutorials on how to glue a patch.
  • The method is relatively easy with a sewing machine: This guide from GQ offers tips that can be achieved with even the most rudimentary sewing skills.
  • The most complicated but least obvious method of pasting: This post from Closet Case Patterns is a great choice for those more familiar with sewing machines because patching focuses less on a patch and more on the stitching as the solution.

If you’re not good at sewing or don’t have a precious pair of jeans, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep, Denim therapy is a company that focuses on repairing denim fabrics. They say they can repair any hole or tear, and can even reinforce weakened areas with their rewind service.Shop Products to Prevent and Patch Denim: This post on how to prevent jeans from fraying and how to keep jeans looking better, was originally published in 2018 and updated with tips and links End of 2021. Read more: how to detox children from Sugar

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