How To Stop Cat From Scratching Door Frames

Are you exhausted from your cat’s scratching at the door? It’s not just constant scratches that are annoying; The good news is that there are effective and inexpensive ways to prevent cats from scratching at doors. Below, we give you some tips on how to handle your pet’s antiques.

Why is your cat scratching on the door?


Learning why cats scratch on closed doors can help you determine the right solution.

  • Attention: Cats are social pets and enjoy interacting with people and other pets in the home. Scratching can be your cat’s way of seeking your attention when you leave her in a separate room. The more social your cat is, the more they will enjoy scratching when you close the door for them.
  • Curiosity: There is a reason behind the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’. When your pet cat repeatedly scratches at the closed door, they may be wondering about the smell or the noise on the other side.
  • Territory: If you’ve ever let your cat roam around in a room, such as a bedroom, and then you suddenly interrupt her, she may resort to scratching to get you to let her in.

How to stop a cat from scratching the door?

Try these tips to prevent cats from scratching at your door:

1. Distract the cat with catnip

Catnip is a common, non-toxic weed in the mint family. Cats are attracted to the volatile oils and acids the plant produces. A catnip hiss usually causes cats to roll over, salivate, and growl for about ten minutes.

  • Use catnip to rub a plant or scratching post for the cat and place it outside the door. This will direct your cat’s attention to the tree or post and away from the door.
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2. Spray cat repellent essential oil

Cat repellent essential oil sprayRead more: How to Grow Wind Crystals Cats don’t like the smell of oils like cinnamon, citrus, and rosemary. However, like catnip oils, these oils are not harmful to cats.

  • To make your own essential oil repellent, mix 1 tablespoon of each essential oil with 3 tablespoons of water in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture on the door. This will discourage the cat and she will go find something else to do.

Pro tip: Not all essential oils are cat-friendly. Talk to your vet before using this method to stop your cat.

3. Tear the cat out before you go to bed

Let the cat out before you go to bedThe main reason cats scratch doors is to seek attention and cuddle. If you suddenly don’t let your cat into the bedroom, you’ll have to scratch the door until you do. Solution? Give your tabby what she wants — your attention.

  • Before going to bed and after meals, play with the cat for a while. Not only will the attention satisfy her; Kittens will also be too exhausted to scratch the door and will go to bed right after playtime.

4. Give her a rake or bed

Give her a rake post or bedYour cat may be scratching the door out of boredom. Consider giving it something else to scratch or play with.

  • Make or purchase a stand made of a slightly coarse material such as sisal. Place the turret where the cat likes to hang out, or if that doesn’t work, place it near the target’s door.
  • Make sure the scratching post is large enough and firmly anchored to allow your brush to comfortably scratch on it.
  • Some cats prefer scratch beds. Put catnip on the bed to encourage her to scratch it instead of scratching the door.
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5. Give her a toy or a nice setting

Give her a toy or a nice settingActivities like playing with toys and bird watching can distract bored cats and keep them away from doors and other furniture.

  • Place several types of toys in different locations in the house where the cat likes to hang out. In particular, cats love to play with toys that make noises and toys with furry textures. The fake mouse can also keep your feline pet entertained for hours.
  • Place the cat tree near the window. Cats love to watch birds and examine their environment from above. Cat plants can be a great distraction, especially if your cat doesn’t have a lot of things to play with.

6. Secure your door with double-sided tape

Read more: How to create scrolls with photosSecure your door with double-sided tapeJust as the stickiness of glue or tape makes you uncomfortable, cats also don’t like the feeling of stickiness on their claws.

  • Use double-sided tape to cover the bottom half of the door. Door tape is obviously not visually appealing but it is a cheap and sturdy deterrent against cat scratching at the door.
  • Alternatively, you can cover the bottom half of the door with bubble wrap, cardboard, or furniture strips. These materials give a different feel to the wooden texture of the door and are not appealing to cats.
  • For a more visually appealing alternative, consider installing a glass or plastic panel to cover the bottom half of the door.

Pro tip: Be careful with bubble wrap. Cats love to lick plastic and may try to bite and swallow bubble packs.

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Extended tip

Here are additional recommendations for dealing with cat scratching behavior:

  • Keep your pet comfortable

A distressed cat is more likely to scratch on furniture and engage in other destructive behaviors. To minimize such tendencies, make sure her room, sleeping area, and hangout are comfortable. Provide your cat with a warm bed and clean blanket so she can curl up. Make sure plants and their toys are also clean and free of any safety hazards. However, clipping the claws can cause a cat to suffer from trauma, which can lead to other undesirable behavior problems. Cats constantly scratching at the door and meowing can cause harm to you, not to mention damage to furniture. If ignoring your tabby isn’t an option, try stopping it with the techniques we’ve suggested. She may not respond to all of these measures but with a little patience you should be able to find something that can stop cats from scratching doors. Do you have any comments or questions about cats scratching at doors? We look forward to hearing from you! Read more: how to create drift tunes in 4 horizon forza

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