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You must come to a complete stop at intersections marked STOP to pass your driving test. I have a smart driver, Rick with Smart Driving Test.Read: how to stop at & t update software Another quick tip for Smart Road Test I have a review from ChelZemi. He wanted to know how long he had to wait at the intersection signed STOP after he stopped. LEARN THE SECRETS THAT DRIVING SCHOOLS DON’T TELL YOU!

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A complete stop has nothing to do with time. I told him you don’t have to wait for a certain amount of time – at any time – he just needs to bring the car to a complete stop. that you can see here, they don’t come to a complete stop – the wheel never stops spinning. Any vehicle consists of two main parts: 1) the bodywork and 2) the chassis.For road test purposes, there are 3 stops at intersections marked STOP: 1) Before the stop line; 2) In front of the pedestrian crossing (sidewalk); 3) At the edge where the 2 roads meet.The chassis consists of the wheels, axles and suspension, and what happens is that the body is attached to the chassis via the suspension. How to know when your car stops When you brake the car, the body actually moves forward of the chassis Read more: how to insert a memory card in galaxy s7 And just before coming to a complete stop you need to release the brake , just before the vehicle comes to a complete stop and rests on the frame, then apply the brake and come to a complete stop. – That’s when you know the car has come to a complete stop. Correct stopping position at an intersection marked STOP Therefore, when you come to a complete stop at the correct position at an intersection marked STOP: 1) before the stop line; 2) in front of the sidewalk; 3) or where two lines intersect. The rules are different for 2-way STOP-signed intersections versus 4-way STOP-signed intersections.And I’ll put a card here for you for the complete video of the stops at the STOP signed intersections. Intersections with a 2-way STOP and 4-Way STOP have different markings So you bring your vehicle to a complete stop at the correct stop and if you can’t see the intersection or can’t see the intersection , then you need to move forward, treat intersections as giving way, and give the right of way to other road users at the intersection: pedestrians, cyclists, scooter riders, and pedestrians. the others. , you can continue after you have stopped. Behind me you can see the four-way stop and again I’m going to put a video up here for you about the priority at the four-way stops. Because it’s a little bit different: first person or if you’re in doubt, the car on the right. After you stop, treat the intersection as YIELD but it’s a bit more complicated and the video will explain that, so watch that video. ? Read more: The best way to clean your NES cartridgesAnd this will help road users because when taking a road test at controlled intersections you have to come to a complete stop. Conclusion Leave a comment in the comments section there. All of that will help all the new drivers who are working hard to get their license. I’m Rick with the Smart Driving Test – thanks a lot for watching. If you like what you see here, please share, subscribe, leave a comment in the comments section. If you are work to get the license, check out the videos below. Lots of great information – many more videos on the channel that will help you succeed in that endeavor.Learn the step-by-step process to pass your road test the first time.If you’re on mobile, check out the tabs in the upper right corner here, which will also give you links to all the videos on the channel as well as links to my website – practice tests and online driving courses – check it out. Thanks for watching, good luck on your road test! And remember, choose the best answer that is not necessarily the right answer. Have a great day. volcano

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