How to start Dodge Ram 1500 without key- Basic skill you need to know

One of the most anticipated questions on the internet is how to start the Dodge Ram 1500 without a key. Although the following question is asked a lot, there are few or no answers on Google on this issue. You may have left it in the coffee shop, or anywhere in the market. Moreover, you may even have dropped your keys in your pocket for whatever reason. However, who cares what happened to the key! Reading: how to start Dodge Ram 1500 without key It was hard for us to figure out how. After thousands of research, we finally made it, in this article you will know how to start Dodge Ram 1500 without key. In addition, you will also learn some additional features. Now, what are you waiting for? Please continue to expand your knowledge. Here are tips and tricks on how to start your truck without a key.

Tips & Tricks to Start Dodge Ram 1500 Without Key


Ignition by steering column

The first thing you’ll do when you get inside is get into the driver’s seat. Once you’ve stabilized yourself, grab the steering column. Remove the plastic layer covering the column. Doing so will reveal all the useful parts and parts you need. Tracing the harness connector can be difficult at times. It can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Plus, not knowing what you’re looking for can also make the process difficult. Not to be confused with windshield wipers and headlight belt connectors. Those two connectors are on any corner of the column. To avoid confusion, look at the center. No left, no right. Now look for a brown or yellow wire. Those color codes are for the ignition wire. Then find the red wire. Those wires are linked to the battery.

How to start Dodge Ram 1500 with ignition wire

After you have successfully found the battery wire, remove some of the insulation. At least remove an inch of insulation with the help of a knife or any sharp object. Finally, twist the wires together after letting them come into contact with the insulation. Read more: how to say dragon in different languages ​​Remember the ignition wires? All you need to do is link the on/off power cord to the battery cord. You do that by twisting both wires together, now strip the starter cords about half an inch. Please put on plastic gloves before doing this to avoid electric shock. Finally, after removing the insulation from the starter cord, touch those contacts to the contacts of the connected battery cord. Normally, your car will start up. Rotate the engine to prevent the engine from stalling. Your car will eventually start running. But have you noticed that your steering wheel is still locked? So you need to unlock the steering wheel. There are many ways to unlock the steering wheel. The process below is simpler and requires no experience. That means you don’t have to be an expert to open the steering wheel. What you will need is a drill and a screwdriver. That’s all — no additional kit needed. Read more about how to start the Dodge Ram 1500 without a key to learn how to unlock the steering wheel without a key.Watch this video on Youtube:

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Unlock the steering wheel with drill & screwdriver

Open the keyhole inside the steering wheel. You can open it by breaking the metal keyhole. This will eventually release the spring that unlocks the wheel. Or you can try turning the handlebars vigorously clockwise and counter-clockwise. Doing so will break the latch, locking your wheel. And you’re done! This is one of the ways to start Dodge Ram 1500 without key. If your RAM was manufactured after 1990, follow the procedure below.

Another ultimate way to start

What you will need in this process is a sturdy screwdriver and a drill. This process is much easier than the previous one and requires less skill. Furthermore, this procedure will work with any vehicle. The first procedure will work only with Dodge Rams 1990. Read more for the second procedure on how to start Dodge RAM 1500 without key.Read more: how to highlight in google sheetFirst-first . Insert the drill bit inside the metal keyhole. You should install about 3/4 of the drill bit. Now dip a drill bit and don’t be gentle with it. Remove and insert the drill bit as many times as possible. Start your blog Finally, when you get the feeling that the pins inside the wheel are all broken, remove the drill bit. Now insert the screwdriver inside the keyhole and your Dodge Ram 1500 will start. You will have to replace some parts after this action is done. This action is not for testing. You will be responsible for any damage you cause to your car, plus you shouldn’t do that if your car is 2010 or later. The new car is equipped with push-button start technology which is more advanced than keyhole technology.

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How to start Dodge Ram 1500 without key fob

Also we have added this to tell you about how to start dodging ram with key fob. So you already know how to boot ram 1500 without key but do you know how to boot without key fob? We will notify you about it. First, when the battery runs out, you have to unlock your car. To do that, you need to slide over the key fob and pull out the existing key. With it, you can unlock your car. Then bring it close to your car’s engine stop feature. Press the key fob on it and see the magic! Conclusion So you know how to start the Dodge Ram 1500 without the key. Let’s summarize the process below. You can use the steering column process or the drill & screwdriver process. We recommend taking into account the drill & screwdriver procedure. The first process is complicated and requires experience. The second process is very easy and you will be less stressed. At the end of the day, the choice is entirely yours. The first process will most likely fail if your vehicle is newer than 1990. Remember not to do such operations if you’re not in trouble. If you need to go somewhere urgent like a hospital or an important client meeting and you lose your keys, you can do so. If not, then we strongly discourage the process. Also, remember if you are mature enough, then go through this process. Thank you for visiting our website and reviewing our tips. Here’s everything today on how to start the Dodge Ram 1500 without a key. You can read our recent review of How to Adjust Emergency Braking on a Chevy Silverado.

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