How To Start A Weight Loss Support Group

Source: Exclusive Web: January 2009Nowadays, book clubs are popular and money making groups are gaining popularity. If we can support each other in our quest to pay off our credit card debt and expand our literary world, why would we turn to strangers for help when it comes to weight loss? Stacey Segal, a registered dietitian in Toronto, offers her tips on putting together your own weight loss support group—No registration fee required. Read: how to start a weight loss support group

1. Choose your team


The first place to look for potential team members is near home. “If you already have a support system of good friends and family in your life, then why not surround yourself with those people while starting a healthier lifestyle?” Segal suggested. Another option is to attract like-minded colleagues who have the same daily routine as you. Read more: How to Draw a Hockey Player | Top Q&ASegal recommends keeping a small weight loss support group– four to six people – for easy scheduling. And don’t worry too much about how much weight people have to lose, but instead commit to living a better life. “The overall goal should be to eat healthy, balanced meals and snacks that will help with weight loss or control,” she says. “The idea is to encourage, support and celebrate each other’s victories, no matter how small.”

2. Setting up the structure

Determine exactly when, where, and how a weight loss support group works. Segal recommends meeting every two weeks: “This gives each person enough time to accomplish their goals between meetings and explore the obstacles they face.” Considering the sensitive nature of the topic, members may want to alternately hold meetings in their homes instead of in public. And Segal suggests that people take turns bringing smart snacks to meetings. “Inspire each other with your healthy creations,” she suggests. Her examples include whole grain crackers and hummus, salad rolls, walnuts and berries.

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3. Set goals

Instead of publicizing the tough end goal weight in the group, each member should set an achievable goal, such as reducing your dress size, trying to eat smaller portions, or losing 10 pounds. These goals are not only shared with the whole team, but also recorded in each member’s personal diary — an important part of the weight loss puzzle. Segal recommends members use these diaries between meetings to write down both their challenges, such as their late afternoon hunger pangs and their triumphs, to share at the next meeting. follow. a week. “Try to use the same scale all the time, everywhere for the best accuracy,” says Segal. Don’t want to monitor your weight more often. “Our body weight will fluctuate normally on a daily basis, not representing actual weight gained or lost.”

4. Calling for experts

Inviting guest speakers to help educate the group will give everyone on the team supportive tools they can use in their weight loss journey. Segal, who believes, “It is imperative to understand how your food choices will affect your progress.” a registered dietitian is the first place to start. Another idea is a fitness professional who can shed light on the idea of ​​exercise. “Eating well is just one part of the weight loss process and keeping it off,” says Segal.

5. Support each other

There’s a reason you’re not doing this alone, so lean on each other and share the good days and the bad days. Segal says: “Put up your challenges, because chances are someone else on the weight loss team is struggling with the same thing. “Think about how you can overcome those challengesShe suggested. If members have trouble making healthy food choices or aren’t inspired to hit the gym, host a healthy recipe swap or share exercise tips. “Set up a group buddy system, so you have a specific person you can call in between meetings for support,” says Segal. And don’t forget to keep the atmosphere light, laugh together, and perhaps most importantly, celebrate everyone’s milestones along the way. Sign up for our free weekly newsletterand get nutritious recipes, healthy weight loss tips, easy ways to stay fit and all the health news you need, delivered straight to yourinbox. Read more: How to draw mammals.

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