How To Start A Daycare Center In Florida

Florida has more licensing requirements associated with opening daycare than most states. You must take the appropriate steps to ensure that your nursery business is legitimate. It will help you succeed and eventually gain the trust of potential customers in your community.

Here are the steps to opening a daycare in Florida:


    • Register for training with the Florida Department of Children and Family Services

    • Locate the nursery

    • Apply for a business license

    • Apply for an EIN with the IRS

    • Research the requirements of the county and city

    • Apply for a kindergarten permit

    • Target audience marketing

You’ll find all the instructions you need to open a daycare business in Florida right here. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been doing this for a while, we can help. Read on for more information on how to open a nursery in Florida. Be sure to check out the bonus on how to set up your daycare business apart from the competition. Read: how to start a child care center in Florida Step 1: Sign up for Training with the Florida Department of Children and Family Services for child care providers more than many other states. For example, childcare workers in Florida are required to take a 40-hour certification training class and pass an exam upon completion. You can take the course while working in the field. However, it must be completed within one year. The Florida Department of Children and Family Services sets and oversees requirements for child care centers. You will sign up for your training through their website. Child care providers are also required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of on-the-job training annually. It ensures employees stay up to date with current standards and guidelines that may change from year to year.While there is no requirement for a nursery owner to have a college degree, having a college degree can be of great help. Anything that works for you to gain the trust of parents through childcare services is worth it. A college degree goes a long way in building trust among professionals. Especially our child care professionals. Emergencies arise in day care facilities. Sometimes counting every second. Educated child care workers are better prepared to handle any situation. Step 2: Determining a Child Care Location You must select a child care location, i.e. a stand-alone building, a suite in a commercial building or your own residence. What type of establishment are you opening? You need a building to house your business. There are three types:

    • Rental space – Find a building or suite to rent. Determine if the cost structure is best for your financial situation.
    • Purchased Space – Find a building or suite to purchase. Commercial child care facilities must have at least 20 square feet of floor space inside each child. Additionally, there must be 45 square feet of outside ground space for each child with a fence around the area.
    • At Home – Many of the same guidelines will apply. Homeschooling has a separate app with the state. Make sure you submit the appropriate form.
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Step 3: Apply for a Business License You must obtain a business license for your nursery. First, decide what legal structure you want. Options include sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, and corporation. Each category has separate instructions. Here are brief definitions of legal status options:

    • Sole Proprietorship – You are your business. You own it by yourself. Your finances are in sync with your business’s finances. Taxes are paid together.
    • Partners – Partners are businesses. Both parties contribute money, effort and other efforts. Both benefit from profits. Both are liable for the debts. This is essentially dual-state proprietary rights.
    • Limited Partnership – The business structure provides some protection to the owners from losses and legal action against the business. Personal finances are kept separate from business assets. One partner has more control, most of the time.
    • Corporation – Daycare is its entity. Owners are protected from legal action. Personal property is not tied to the business. You must file the “Terms of Incorporation” with your state.

Take note of the time you receive your business license. Look for requests from the state for more information and respond to those requests quickly. Processing times vary from year to year, so please participate in the process. Read more: how to build a wooden gate for a drivewayLearn more about applying for a business license HERE. Step 4: Register an EIN with the IRSHow to Open a Kindergarten in Florida (The Ultimate Beginner's Guide)You must get an EIN from the IRS unless you choose to structure the nursery like a sole proprietorship or a regular partnership. The EIN acts as a social security number for a business. It allows the government to track taxes owed from businesses operating across the country. Visit the IRS website. Click “Apply Online Now” to pull up the application. Fill in all the required information. It must be completed in one sitting. You will not be able to save your application for later completion. The system automatically logs you out after 15 minutes of inactivity. Click “Submit” as soon as you are done. Once your application has been validated, you will receive an EIN confirmation via email. Save the page for your profile. Step 5: Research County and City Requirements The county and/or city you are operating in may have additional requirements. Look up the regulations on their respective websites. Follow all the steps indicated for both your county and city. Requirements vary for different locations throughout Florida. It is important to check all regulations and laws for your particular location. Step 6: Apply for a Kindergarten License The Florida Department of Children and Families requires that daycares also have a nursery license. The app is available on their website. It consists of three pages and must be completed in its entirety. There is a fee associated with this application.How to Open a Kindergarten in Florida (The Ultimate Beginner's Guide)If approved, you will receive a nursery license number. Sometimes a problem will arise with your application. The agency may contact you for more information. The faster you respond, the faster you will receive your license. Please resolve the issue so your application can then be re-evaluated. Note that getting all the right logins can take up to 90 days. Keep this process up to date to keep things on track. The more involved you are in this process, the faster it will happen. Step 7: Marketing to Target Audience Marketing for your nursery business should begin as soon as you know you’re opening a business. You will need a registration form to provide. The Florida Department of Families and Children has a brochure on their resource website. Hire a professional to build your nursery website. Include all the information parents will be looking for online. Make information easy to find. Includes hours, location, phone number, price, schedule and daily structure. In addition, social networking sites should also be linked here. Read more: how to make soaked chicken feet Encourage them to bring their children. Make sure to have some takeout items for extra promotional opportunities. Marketing is more than just TV or print advertising. It’s about promoting to potential customers. Offer referral programs, repeat benefits to customers, or discounts for families with multiple children. Build your reputation through outreach programs. Bonus: How to set the difference between your daycare Start by getting to know your competition. How many and what types of kindergartens are there in your area? How many possibilities are available in those daycares? What are their hours? Once you know what you’re up against, you’ll know how to set your nursery apart from the competition. Here are a few ways to do that.

    • Achieving the Golden Seal of Care Quality Certification
    • Provide language study curriculum for children of the right age
    • Allow early drop off and late pick up
    • Start every family relationship with a two-way interview — you ask questions, they ask questions
    • Display a well-thought-out Code of Conduct in the home and on site
    • Create well-defined spaces in the nursery to enrich the senses and develop skills
    • Offers unique learning opportunities, such as gardening, nutrition or chicken farming
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This is not an exhaustive list. Use your imagination to find your way to stand out. Anything that adds value to parents can help you earn more clients. Conclusion You know how to open a nursery in Florida now. It’s time to put the acquired knowledge to work. Follow the steps in this guide to get all the credentials required by your state, county, and city. Make sure you and your staff sign up for the necessary training sessions. Get your tax ID from the government, if applicable. You can then work to enroll the children you are approved to care for and be on your way to building a thriving and successful daycare business. Some related questions:

How much does it cost to open a nursery in Florida?

You need between $10,000 and $50,000 to start a daycare in Florida. In-home child care services will not ask for the same amount. The legal structure you choose can affect the cost of opening your daycare. Those who choose to open a franchised nursery will need a larger sum.

How much do you make to own a nursery?

Nursery owners make different amounts of money. The average is around $37,000. A good range to use as a guide is between $20,000 and $60,000. The size, location and demand for child care services will determine how much child care owners earn.

What is the rate for daycare in Florida?

A licensed child care center in Florida must adhere to the following rates:

    • Less than 12 months – 1 to 4
    • 12 to 23 months – 1 to 6
    • 24 to 35 months – 1 to 11
    • 36 to 47 months – 1 to 15
    • 48 to 59 months – 1 to 20
    • 60 months or more – 1 to 25
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How to Open a Kindergarten in Florida (The Ultimate Beginner's Guide)Please Note: This blog post is for educational purposes only and is not legal advice. Please consult a legal professional to address your specific needs.

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