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Before moving on to learning tricks, you need to learn some skateboard basics – find your natural stance and learn how to do pushups properly. If you rush in this phase, it will slow down your learning, so take a moment to learn these things before moving on to another stage.

From Sidewalk Basics – Fall 2013


Stance Skateboard How to StitchThere are two positions in skateboarding: silly and normal Read: how to stand on a skateboard Fast footed stance means you stand on the board with your right foot. Standing figure skater with left foot in the lead. Everyone has a natural stance that will feel most comfortable for them, the best way to discover your stance is to slowly push around as you begin your first setup, whichever stance feels The most natural is the position you should choose. . It’s like being left- or right-handed, you instinctively know which is right for you. No stance is better or worse than another so don’t worry.


Stances Skateboard How To Do ItThis is the most basic skill related to skateboarding. Before you start thinking about learning tricks, you need to learn how to push expertly and quickly. The basics are pretty obvious but you need to practice this part of skateboarding the same way you would with specific tricks. Make sure you push with your back foot – avoid ‘mongo’ push (i.e. front foot push) as it makes everything else harder later on. To start, push with your toes and as you begin to pick up speed, bring your back foot toward your tail and rotate the pose so your feet are parallel. This is a very simple move but it will form the backbone of everything else you’ll be doing on your skateboard. A good tip is to go to an open ground and do push-ups: push as fast as you can until it feels natural and controlled.

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Stop spinning skateboard how to 2Again, this is a basic skill that you must learn before attempting to learn any of the tricks outlined later in this tutorial. or the side of the heel and your truck will follow your incline. Smaller trucks are under more pressure to turn than looser trucks, so experiment with what feels most natural to you.


Read more: how to cheat when exploitedStop spinning skateboard how toThis is quite an important thing and can be done in many different ways. you down or, when you have developed enough control of the board, stop by powerliding (i.e. sliding sideways on your wheel).


Kickturn Skateboard How To Do ItThis is the most basic skateboard spin technique usually performed on the coast or the transition. Your shoulders will lead the movement, so let them follow you. Remember to put your front wheel back as soon as you complete the kick and keep your weight in the center of gravity. Read more: How to size heat exchangers.

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