How To Spot Fake Kylie Lip Kit

Fake makeup is something that is always a problem. Top makeup brands are constantly facing this problem. People who bought their lip kits from sites that weren’t Kylie Jenner’s official site were met with disastrous effects. From lip kits containing glue to gasoline, the fact is that you can only trust the official website of the seller itself! I will show the difference between fake lip kit and real lip kit, so you guys can easily tell! You can also check out my lipstick review here. The original Kylie lip kit retails from around £22, depending on which site you stumble across there can be huge price differences! Sites like actually sell their kits for a bit more at £25, claiming to be original and authentic. While other sites, like retail for as little as £5! Read: how to detect fake kylie lipstick kit with a chrome effect. In addition, the text on the real lipstick is darker and more evenly spaced, while the fake is lighter and tighter.img 1423Real:left Fake:right The shades used on the packaging are also different, as you can see the real lipstick set is a bit darker than the fake, both lipstick sets have a ‘candy’ shade k’ (my favorite!). Read more : How to create a paracord flogger | Top Q&Aimg 1425Real: bottom Fake: topimg 1427Real: left Fake: right When it comes to lining, they really have this point on…. Almost the same. As you can see the liner is actually wider and shorter, I’ve used this liner a few times so it’s a bit shorter due to the sharpening. The shade tab at the bottom of the real image is also a bit shorter, and there is a slight difference in shade if you look very closely. There is also a serial number on the real thing, on the fake it’s not.img 1429Real: top Fake: bottomimg 1431True: top Fake: bottom Read more: Download, install drivers and software manuals for Logitech G230 The text on fake lipstick is again not as bold as real lipstick. The key thing you should look for on your lipstick is the drip! Usually fake lipsticks have two parallel drip tips, in this case I got two while real lipsticks have perfect spacing and different drip lengths.img 1433Real: right Fake: leftimg 1435Real: right Fake: left As in my template, the fake lipstick and liner have a more pink tone, while the real ‘candy k’ has a natural nude color.img 1463Real: bottom Fake: top As I mentioned in my review, Kylie lip kits smell divine! Fakes are not, however, fake makeup can be very dangerous, don’t be fooled by rogue retailers! If you have noticed anything else, please comment in the comments section below! Read more: how to anger your girlfriend

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