How To Spot A Fake Breitling

Breitling is a leader in the aviation watch industry and produces some of the finest pilot watches in the world. Breitling’s incredible attention to detail and top-notch craftsmanship make it difficult for counterfeiters to imitate their fake Breitling watches. Here are some immediate warning signs to determine if Breitling is real or fake.1. Weight Breitling watches are very heavy. They are substantial watches and feel much heavier than some of the luxury watches from Rolex and Omega. If you put the watch on your wrist and don’t immediately feel its weight, this is a big sign that the watch in question is a fake Breitling.Breitling logoRead more: How to make cats in heat shut up2. Different Breitling Logos Breitling uses two types of logos on its watches. The first — and most recognizable — is a winged anchor with the name Breitling underneath (above). There are two important points to note in the real Breitling logo that most counterfeiters won’t exactly imitate: first, there is a small gap between the anchor tip and the wing, and second, the lines inside the body. wings do not. actually reaches the end of the full wingspan. Fake Breitling watches often miss these small details with the anchor and wing touches and the touches to the end of the wing. The other Breitling logo type is reserved for Breitling Heritage collections and includes the signature cursive “B” above the Breitling name. Double check the logo as the letter “B” must be raised off the plane of the dial and the Breitling name must be engraved on the dial. If the letter “B” lies flat on the dial, the watch is definitely a fake.3. Second hand The seconds hand of an authentic Breitling watch will end with its iconic “B” and transform into an anchor shape. (Note: not all genuine Breitling watches feature this design. Double check your specific model to see if this seconds hand detail is included.)Breitling seconds handRead more: Remove redirect (Virus Removal Guide) | Top Q&A When you are examining the watch in question, take a close look at the width of the B. The letter B on an authentic Breitling is actually not uniform throughout the letter; instead, it becomes stylistically wider and thinner at certain points. Unorthodox Breitling watches may closely resemble the shape of the letter “B” but have the same width around the entire letter. Direct your attention to the anchor, the sharp ends of the anchor should be clean and sharp. If the anchor looks too rounded at the ends or lacks sharpness at its point, you may be looking at a fake Breitling.4. Calendar window A clear warning sign can be found in the calendar window. The numbers in the Breitling calendar window take up all the space. These large numbers are easy to read and clearly drawn. While some convincing hypothetical Breitling watches will include those large numbers, these numbers will still not fill the window space fully.Breitling date display5. Engraving lock Unwind the watch band and run your finger over the Breitling engraved on the buckle. You should be able to feel the grooves of each letter. The back side, the back side, should be completely smooth. This engraving is likely included on the fake Breitling – and is even spaced fairly accurately – but you can clearly feel the difference between the genuine Breitling deep handwriting and the fake’s shallow mark. get hunter king coins | Top Q&A

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