How To Spectate Your Friends In The Game

Fortnite has been one of the most played games since its release in 2017. Although its popularity has dropped a bit in recent times, the game still boasts a huge player base. . One of the main reasons that Fortnite is still popular is because Epic game constantly adding new elements to the game. Each season brings a different flavor, and there is always something new for you to try in the game. One of the features that was added later to Fortnite was admire This feature was not available at the time of release. However, after many requests from the community, this feature was added in chapter 2 of the game. Although most players know about tracking by now but incidentally, if you don’t know about it, here is how.

Using the Spectate Feature in Fortnite

Read more: how to track in fortnite Read more: 10 ways to style Lularoe footers To judge a friend, you both need to be in the same hallway. Unlike most battle royale games where you can follow any friend without joining them, Fortnite requires you to be in the same lobby. When you are in the same lobby, just click on their name and click “watch the gameAnother thing to keep in mind is that you can only see 30 seconds after the player you are following falls off the bus. If the player you are following is still in the battle bus, the final condition for tracking will not be that every player in the lobby has to follow or play the game. If there are multiple players in the lobby and one of them doesn’t follow or play the game, the rest of the players won’t be able to follow either. It may seem confusing to many people, but this is mainly to avoid any foul play as some may take advantage of this opportunity to cheat in the game. Universal screens usually take a lot of time to load. This is a nagging problem that has yet to be properly addressed. This being said, players just need to wait a little longer and the screen will load in most cases. Players who are still experiencing issues can visit the Epic Games website and let them know by submitting a complaint using the Fortnite Support feature. Chapter 2 Part 6 currently underway in the game. Like every new season, Epic Games introduced a bunch of elements that changed the meta. Domestication is one of the new features that was added to the game as part of the Chapter 2 Season 6 update. As the word suggests, players can now tame wild animals that live scattered throughout the map. thing. Animals that can be tamed include Wolf, chickenand Boar. All three bring something unique to the table, however, in most cases, the Wolf will be the best choice as it is the only animal that directly aids in combat. If it happens, let us know in the comments and share it with others. Read more: how long does it take for asphalt to dry | Top Q&A

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