How To Sleep With A Perm

Read: How to sleep with permPerm maintenance not a pain! When you choose to have gorgeous curls, it takes a little extra work to maintain them. That’s why it’s important to know how to maintain a version. Read on to learn how to style curls, how to sleep with a permutation, and everything in between!

Don’t wash your hair right away


After you get your curl pattern, let your stylist do their magic. Prepare yourself for that style for a day or two, as you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least 48 hours after your treatment. They know best about treatments and will give you the best advice on how to care for your curls during the first 48 hours. You run the risk of undoing the effects of perm chemicals by washing your hair too soon after perming.

Use the right hair products

The curling process removes the cuticle from your hair and makes your hair more porous. Your hair will probably start to feel dry and brittle, unless you use the right hair products. Use products that help nourish and protect your hair from root to tip. Many brands have repair and protect formulas that repair and clean, leaving your hair looking dewy and healthy. Buy products designed to nourish and lift frizzy hair for more natural shine and volume.

Develop a stylistic process

Read more: how to connect bluetooth headphones to chromecast The habit of styling a head full of curly hair can take a long time to develop. Many people who have had curly hair their whole life are still trying to find the perfect routine. However, styling curly hair starts the second day you wet it. After you use a protective and nourishing shampoo and conditioner, use a leave-in conditioner and comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb while it’s still wet. You can then go for the T-shirt drying and braiding method to style your hair without the heat, which adds further damage to the hair. too curly.

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Condition after Perm

The best conditioners for frizzy hair are those with mild formulas. If your curls are tight and frizzy after curling, use a hair conditioner. your hair. The closer to the scalp, the more natural oils in the hair. The ends of your hair are the most vulnerable and need the most treatment. Leave the conditioner on for at least five minutes. The longer, the better. Time to wash it off with cool water.

Dry your hair

Do you dry your hair by drying it with a towel immediately after showering? Curly hair requires a different approach. The best material for drying your hair is actually microfiber or the soft woven fabric of a t-shirt. Excessive friction caused by cotton towels will dry out and damage your hair. Pull the ends of your hair into the towel and wring it out, essentially rubbing it in bit by bit with your hands. Read more: How to open a .tuna file You can do the braiding method to let your hair dry overnight, or you can let it hang and dry in the air during the day. Avoid heat drying and use a diffuser if you must blow dry.

How to sleep with a pad

Keeping your curls secure overnight can be the hardest task. Regular cotton pillowcases can cause friction to damage your hair. Instead, sleep on a satin pillowcase to let your hair move freely without damage. You can put your hair up in a high bun, braid it, or braid it. a microfiber cloth. Then braid the excess right on top of your head and secure it there!

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Color while painting

When you dye or perm your hair, you run the risk of damaging your hair. When you try to color right after curling, you can over-process, dye too light, or even cause irreparable damage to your hair. You should wait at least two weeks after perming your hair before trying to color it. Always work with your stylist before trying any chemical procedures on your permed hair.

Avoid over-styling

Just like naturally curly hair, over-styling is your enemy. After your curls are dry, they will essentially stay in that curl until the next shampoo and conditioner. When you mess up that curly hairstyle too much, your hair will look frizzy and out of control. Never brush dry hair with a comb. This will completely change your curls and make you look more like a poodle than a curly-haired goddess! Use gel or enamel instead of mousse to style your hair to avoid the alcohol in the mousse which will dry out your hair.

Perm maintenance is easier

Curling hair care is a bit more complicated than taking care of natural straight hair. Curly hair requires a lot of new products and techniques that can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. But when you follow these steps in your curling maintenance routine, you will have beautiful and healthy curls! If you are looking for the best tools to dry your hair fast and keep it healthy for a lifetime, browse our products today! Read more: Remove Cinavia on PS4, PS3, DVD and Blu-ray

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