How To Sing Like Frank Sinatra

(Last updated on: May 19, 2021)Music, whether primitive or contemporary, has been given to thousands of talented and accomplished musicians. One of the most respected musical artists of all time is Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra is an American singer, producer and actor. He is said to be one of the most famous and influential musical artists of the 20th century. He is known for learning music by ear. In essence, Sinatra did not learn music by reading. Frank is known for his lively singing and performing abilities. Thanks to today’s common standards and expectations for a standard voice, Sinatra is something of a miracle. Sinatra is a singer who can be found singing almost no beyond octaves and is incapable of displaying acrobatic vocal skills of any kind.

Frank Sinatra’s Singing Style and Vocals


Discussing Sinatra’s singing style and vocals will elicit a variety of descriptions and words such as smooth, sensual, and seductive. Sinatra seemed to find singing as easy as breathing. It seems that the soothing voice that accompanies his songs was implanted in him naturally without having to learn it. However, he is known for his diligence in crafting and laboring to achieve mastery and control over his sound. A thorough dissection of Sinatra’s singing style, various musicians and music lovers revealed his musical ability, which stems from his ability to sing along with empathetic feelings, his creative and flawless legato song, his kind of cello vocals and his meticulous use of vibrato. While some have suggested that the innovative way of moving his golden vocals is what sets Sinatra apart from his contemporaries and is central to his outstanding achievements. while some see him as a pop singer, some see him as a jazz singer. In fact, some people think that the classical work may have been coined for the purpose of describing Sinatra’s musical style. Furthermore, during his musical career, he was much interested in addressing different genres and styles of music. From the foregoing, it should be noted that Sinatra was a studious man who developed his singing technique through diligent study. Therefore, in order to build a voice and singing style like him, one has to master one’s own techniques.

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Sinatra Singing Techniques You Must Learn

Sinatra used a number of techniques throughout her life in her musical career, and some of them will be discussed in this section. In fact, these are the singing techniques you must use to be able to sing like Frank Sinatra in no time.


The first is Phrasing. Phrasing is a tool used by Sinatra that can be traced back to his study of musicians when he was still a teenager. Sinatra studied Tommy Dorsey’s Orchestra, from which he began emulating their long verse. Sinatra is known for his ability to lengthen his breathing while singing, giving him greater control over his voice, and his ability to sing two to three lines before singing another. Sinatra’s writing style goes hand in hand with subtle nuances and appeal, capable of capturing his audience with every word he utters.

Say volume

Another technique he uses includes, Volume says volume. This Sinatra, in his style, uses volume to enhance expressiveness when singing. While trying to convey a sense of intimacy, seduction, warmth and emotion, he slows down his voice with the microphone almost touching his lips, singing softly, to the point of almost sounding like he’s singing. whisper. And when he was about to express his anger, he spoke with his throat wide open, with the microphone to be placed a few miles from his mouth. If you’re like Sinatra, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of the underlying emotions of the song you want to sing and must be able to decode the appropriate vocals to use in an attempt to do so.

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Active singing

The third technique deducted from Sinatra’s musical legacy stems from his energetic style. Kinetics is one of the powerful techniques that can be attributed to Sinatra music. His singing technique is to use volume to emphasize or soften another part of a melody. He did this by fading in and out in some words to enhance smoothness. This type of style used by Sinatra is said to be the core of bringing music to life. On this note, for you to become a great musical artist like Sinatra, you need to incorporate dynamics as a technique you use in your singing style.

Tempo Rubato

Tempo Rubato is another technique used by Sinatra that sets him apart from his contemporaries. Rubato is an important technique you must have as a singer. It involves an artistic device that, when used appropriately, facilitates the creation of higher meaning and emotion for a musical performance. In essence, the expressive part of the idiom requires the shaping of the music. A gap in rubato’s performance can be said to be boring, monotonous, dry and mechanical. In that context, it is essential that you know the indispensability of rubato in any kind of music and how it is integral to the style of any singer. Natural rhythm accompanies the music. However, doing this can be very difficult and can pose an artistic challenge if not done gracefully. In case a singer sings and rushes or slows down the tempo of the song, with the restoration of the rhythm, during the performance must find a way to go back in time during that performance, in order to maintain the rhythm of phrases and ensures the aesthetic balance of music in general over time. Basically, he is always careful and avoids talking around the letter ‘r’ which is still considered difficult to hear. Wrapping your voice around these stiff ‘r’s can be detrimental, as it can cause your voice to get out of tune.

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