How to Sight in a Rifle Scope Without a Boresighter

For new or first-time rifle players, seeing within a rifle scope can be one of the most frustrating parts of the shooting or hunting experience. There are devices, called depth gauges, that can help speed up the view during the process, but what or how do you do the sighting if you don’t have a close-up viewfinder or Don’t want to invest money in one?Remember that there are many ways to perform a different task, but still be successful. With that said, here’s how to look within the rifle scope without the scope: #1 – Make sure the scope is properly attached to the rifle, with the eye suppressor properly placed and the reticle focus placed. #2 – Make sure you have a solid rest to capture during the sightseeing. If you don’t have a solid respite, the ongoing spectacle becomes an exercise in frustration. Now the rest is not commercial rest or anything extravagant. I’ve seen a lot of rifles on the hood using shot bags or rolled up shirts. #3 – Make sure you have a secure firing position with a secure backrest to catch the ring. Backstops serve two purposes:

  • Safely stop fired bullets
  • Provides a visual reference point to determine where your bullets are hitting relative to the target in case your first shot isn’t on paper.

#4 – Determine the range you want to use for aiming. If this is your first time putting a rifle or handgun on paper, then I recommend starting the sighing process closer instead of farther If you’re going to shoot at 100 yards while the rifle is on , then I would first start the aiming process at a distance of 30 to 50 yards. Once you’ve written on paper, you can move the distance out. #5 – Do manual brightness adjustments if possible. Manual exposure actually works on bolt guns, so it doesn’t apply to semi-automatic or pump models. down the barrel. Position the unloaded rifle (and mounted scope) towards the target. Position your head so you can see the barrel and scope at the same time (I try to use my right eye to see the barrel and my left eye to see through the scope). for where the scope points in relation to the target in this way, and can go ahead and make adjustments to at least get the scope on paper. Using this method, I very rarely cannot get the first photograph on paper. This technique will save you ammo and time. #6 – Aim at the center of X (or any smallest part of the target) and fire the first shot (with proper ears and eyes). I usually put the crosses in the same spot and fire two more shots, so I have a group of 3 because I find 3 shots easier to see than one.aim-in-one-target#7 – Assess the location of the first 3 impacts on the target, then start adjusting for wind and altitude. I usually fire one shot, then make the changes. In order not to confuse myself in the process, I usually only make one set of adjustments at a time. By that I mean I usually just adjust the altitude first until I hit the target, then I start adjusting the wind. Then I repeat the process. One shot, then changed until I reached altitude above the target. Then I repeat the process for the wind. #8 – Once I’m relatively “on target”, I move the target back to my preferred distance (100 yards or whatever I intend to shoot) #9 – Single shot 3 groups to see my position at the new distance and then adjusted accordingly. I usually refine the aiming process by taking a group of 10 shots and then making adjustments based on those groups. Some gamers like to save ammo by firing smaller groups of 3 or 5 rounds, but I personally find that groups of 10 give better readability of firing position on target for tuning purposes. seen at a heavy caliber with unpleasant recoil, feel free to reduce the group shot to a lower number or get your hands on the Lead Sled. Minimum number of photos taken.

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