How to Shrink Nylon

Clothing made of synthetic materials does not stretch or stretch like other materials, which is why it is popular in sportswear. Pure nylon may not even shrink to a smaller size at all. Learning to shrink nylon yarn only involves using a blend of nylon with other synthetic fibers, such as Spandex, Lycra, elastane, rayon, and polyester. The result may look like baggy pants or revealing clothing. 100% nylon requires hemming to get the right size Read: how to shrink nylon It’s much easier to handle nylon if you use the right technique for your yarn mix. Understanding the synthetic fibers in your clothes will determine what temperature or process is needed to shrink them. Do not give up on clothes that are too loose. Return them to your desired size using these quick ways to shrink nylon. We even covered similar questions regarding shrinkage of nylon blends in washers or dryers.(valery_potapova /

Quick ways to shrink nylon


While clothes that shrink in a washing machine in warm water work best for denim, cotton, microfiber or knitted t-shirts, nylon fabrics will shrink very little in wet washes. Completely avoid high temperatures for man-made fibers. Discover how to shrink nylon based on precise blending. The following methods each provide a different cure to get your clothes back to their original size. Using heat and some natural means shrinks and expands most materials with little effort.

Shrink nylon legs in the washing machine

Most of the fabrics you buy from the store are readily available. Synthetic fibers stretch during manufacturing or during prolonged wear, but hot water and agitation in the washing machine often helps them shrink back to their smaller original size. . If you need to slim down the waistband, try this simple solution. Read more: how to wear high-waisted pants with tight-fitting jeans Put your nylons in the washing machine on the longest wash cycle and on the highest heat setting. Add ammonia to the machine and run it on the hottest water temperature, after the wash cycle, put the pants in the dryer on the tumble or medium heat cycle for at least 25 minutes. Take them out of the dryer, lay them flat to dry in the air the rest of the way.

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Soak nylon in hot water overnight

A common way to shrink clothes is to soak them in boiling water overnight or for at least six hours. Soak the nylon overnight before washing and rinsing the fabric. Boil water in a pot. Make sure the water temperature is hot and soak the fabric, avoid wringing out the water after washing and drying the nylon pants after soaking. Be careful when using this process with bright colors, which may fade. Reduce the time to soak nylon in hot water. Half a cup of ammonia can help preserve color.

Use a dryer to shrink nylon shirts and skirts

After the wash cycle, a hot dryer will shrink the nylon tops and skirts. Check the tag to make sure the fabric contains silk, cotton, wool, or linen. Run it for 15 minutes. Avoid the hottest setting, or you could melt the nylon. Repeat as needed.

Run the Rayon blend in the dryer

Both rayon and nylon are susceptible to heat shrinkage. However, the rayon needs more care because its shrinkage cannot be controlled. Spandex only shrinks when combined with one of the other fabrics. Try to shrink the 5% Spandex mix and put it in the dryer on medium-high for no more than 10 minutes.

Temporarily shrink Spandex with ice

Nylon spandex blends can expand due to heat. The fix is ​​only temporary. Try putting the fabric in ice cold water instead of the dryer. After you put the Spandex back, your body heat causes the material to expand again.

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Ironing nylon and polyester fabrics

Steam ironing is ideal for blends of nylon and polyester. Heat helps shrink clothes that are deformed in hot washes and is often the best way to shrink clothes that are too loose. Read more: Making natural soap for beginners: Ingredients Fill the iron with cold water. Set it to the steam setting or press and move the iron over the fabric, moving slowly. Do not touch the metal directly to the fabric because the steam is enough. Lay the polyester fabric blend flat to air dry. However, avoid ironing rayon which can cause water marks. Polyester can also melt in the hottest environments, so make sure the iron and the garment don’t come into contact with each other.

Nylon clothing hem

When all else fails, pull the nylon garment to a smaller size or length. Measure the dress, mark the size with a fabric pencil. Leave just over an inch for the border. Cut the fabric with scissors, then turn the garment face down. Pin your hem in place every 4 inches, and sew it in place using a sewing machine and lightweight nylon thread.

How to safely shrink nylon at home

Shrink synthetic fabrics, like nylon and polyester, are fragile. The material is elastic and difficult to shrink. However, this process is not impossible with synthetic mixtures. For example, raw nylon, which is not safe to shrink at home. If your clothes say “dry clean only”, you can ask for special instructions. An anti-shrink or Sanforised treatment typically keeps natural fabrics from shrinking, making it impossible for it to shrink or stretch. Pure nylon does not shrink much. For example, downsizing a polyester-blend nylon jacket is not a good idea. You’re better off buying the right size than shrinking nylon jackets. Non-shrink sturdy nylon clothing also includes bathing suits, t-shirts, trousers, leggings, gym wear or skirts. Using our tips on these items only causes distortion. A professional tailor can also help with resizing any new garments for a better fit. how to wear a see-through white shirt

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