How To Sew Cuffs On Pants

How to sew a cuff for the trouser leg Cuffs are the best way to lengthen a boy’s trousers. Sleeves you can use as decorative elements of shorts or trousers. Using this sleeve cuff, you can also change the look of your sleeves. Learn how to add cuffs to pants or to the sleeves of a jacket. This is a step-by-step sewing tutorial illustrated with lots of pictures.

Strip of fabric to make cuffs


How to cut fabric strips for cuffs At first, you have to cut the fabric strips for the cuffs. To do this, you first need to measure the circumference of your pants. Cloth strips for cuffs Band length must follow this specification when measuring crotch. Don’t forget to add seam allowances on both longitudinal ends of the strip, about 1 – 1.5 cm. Width of cuff The width of the strip is calculated by the formula: 3.5 cm x 4 segments.

Prepare the cuff before adding it to the pants

How to join the ends of the strip together Now you need to join the ends of a strip together. Set allow seams in opposite directions and press them. Fold the paper strip in half and press the i . key Now you need to fold the paper strip in half and press it. Add the cuff to the bottom edge of the trouser leg Next, you will add the cuffs to the bottom edge of the pant leg. Remember that the right side of the cuff should not be placed over the left side of trousers or shorts.

Add cuffs to pants

Add cuffs to pantsRead more: how to check car tire pressure without a gauge You can now sew around these stacked edges with a seam allowing 1.5 cm. How to compact the bottom edge with a grinder Now you need to trim the bottom edge with a serrated bar. Press the cuff well At this stage, you can turn the cuff all the way down (7cm). Hit it well. Flip pants with buttons Now you need to turn the pant legs out with the waistband sewn to the side.

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Final steps of making cuffs

S Fold the cuff in half Flip the cuffs towards the right side of the pants. Fold the cuff in half as shown. Use a steam iron to press around the cuff. With cuffs, longer pants Now the cuff is ready. Thanks to this, these pants have become longer and your guy will look more attractive.

What do the cuffs on the shorts and on the sleeves look like

Sleeves under the shorts This cuff also looks good on the bottom edge of the shorts. Jacket SleevesRead more: how to get free gems in hungry shark evolution You can also use this method to add cuffs to coats. English is not my native language, so please forgive any errors and help correct them. The e-mail to send is on the contact page. Instructions on how to make tightsTutorial on how to make pants. If you can’t sew pants with buttons, use this step-by-step sewing tutorial. How to sew women's Jersey shortsHow to sew women’s jersey shorts Here you will find 30 photos with expert commentary on how to sew women’s jersey shorts. Using this tutorial, you will also be able to sew baby shorts. How to make childrenHow to make baby pants with an elastic waist Looking for some easy knit pants for your toddler? Try sewing such pants with step-by-step instructions with more than 20 photos and comments. Learn how to sew your own pants and skirtsLearn how to sew your own hems and skirts There are several ways to sew your own hem. I offer you a universal way that can be used to hem your pants, skirts or dresses. How to Hem Jeans with Kick TapeHow to Hem Jeans with Kick Tape This is a simple and easy way to hem jeans on a sewing machine using trouser tape. How to Hem Chiffon or other lightweight fabricsHow to Hem Chiffon or Other Light Fabrics These are two professional ways of how to hem a skirt or dress sewn from lightweight fabrics. For this tutorial, I used chiffon fabric. Read more: how to edit a scientific journal

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