How To Set A Dual Time Watch

When you spend as much time as I do reviewing quality watches, it’s easy to get caught up in the beautiful cases, complicated movements, and unique dials that are works of art in the truest sense of the word. their meanings. In essence, there is nothing wrong with these features. But focusing on them too much, you can lose sight of the main purpose of a watch: telling the time. But what if you need to keep track of time in multiple locations? For some, this is a purely theoretical concern. But if you’re a frequent flyer, you might want to keep an eye on your return home time. Here, I will explain the difference between GMT, dual and world time clocks. I will also show you how to place and use them.

GMT watch

Longines GMTGMT watches are designed to show both the current time and your GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time. The primary index shows your current time, while the secondary scale on the rotating bezel shows GMT. Usually there are two crowns, the first that sets the time and the second that rotates the outer bezel. When you receive your GMT watch for the first time, the first thing you need to do is set your local time. If you need to, check your manual to determine the minute and hour hands, and which is the GMT hand. Usually this is easy to see, but not always. Read more: how to paint gray with primary colors Once you’ve set your local time, the next thing to do is adjust the GMT time. To do this, determine how many hours apart your time is from GMT. For example, if you live in New York, your local time will be GMT -5:00, so GMT will be 5 hours ahead. Use the second crown to adjust the outer bezel until it is the appropriate number of hours either front or rear. Keep in mind that the GMT bezel is based on 24-hour time, so you’ll need to do some mental math if you’re not familiar with 24-hour time.

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Dual time clock

Armin Strom . Dual Time WatchDual time watches are similar to GMT watches, in that they are designed to show you two times at once. However, they are often used to show you the time in two random locations: for example, your current location and your home, instead of your current location and GMT. In fact, the difference is purely academic. You can use the dual time clock as a GMT clock or vice versa without any problems. Instead of displaying the sub-time on the bezel, it is displayed on a sub-dial or a pair of sub-dials. Usually, you’ll see two, one for the hour and one for the minute. The scale is also usually a 12-hour scale, rather than a 24-hour scale as on GMT watches. That said, most dual time watches have a day/night indicator so you can keep track of the 24-hour time. Setting a dual time clock is often easier than setting a GMT watch. One crown will control the main hour and minute hands, while another will allow you to set the time on the sub-dials.

World Time Clock

The world timer clock is fartherRead more: how to keep couch cushions from slipping Compared to the last two types of watches, world watches are more about fashion than function. This does not mean that they are useless. It simply means that they are primarily designed for looks. The main part of the dial can have many different designs and can include a variety of complications. However, there is an outer chapter ring, showing 24 time zones, often with 24 city names for reference. There will usually be a crown, which is used to set the time, while a pusher can let you jump across time zones. In general, there is a single thruster and you can just skip forward. However, there are more complex, more expensive options that have two pushers to bypass as desired. When you change the time zone, the hour hand moves forward or backward automatically by one hour. Setting world time is relatively simple. First, use the pusher to choose your own time zone. Next, use the crown to set the time. From there, you can easily change time zones while traveling. Like I said, this is mostly a cosmetic feature, but it has its place for world travelers. In particular, the design is generally less cluttered, though that will vary between watches. There are only two disadvantages of this mechanism. First, they tend to be more complicated and therefore more expensive than GMT or dual time watches. Second, they don’t allow you to easily set the time for odd, half-hour zones like India Standard Time, which is GMT +5:30. Read more: how to get rid of tunnel spiders | Top Q&A

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