how to see ping in pubg

PUBG Mobile is an incredibly popular battle royale game with a substantial user base. However, to get the best experience and enjoy the game to the fullest, players must have a good FPS and decent ping. As a result, some players want to monitor their FPS and ping during matches. netAlso Read: COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: Assault Rifles

How to check ping and FPS in PUBG Mobile


Ping refers to the network latency between the client and the server. Low ping is essential for a lag-free experience, and this number shows up in the bottom left corner of the screen. Users can check their ping at any time during the game.


Settings in PUBG Mobile where players can set Frame RateFPS or Frame Rate determines how smooth the game is on the device. In PUBG Mobile, players have the option to set this up; however, this is also based on the capacity of the phone. There is no direct way to measure FPS accurately in game, this game does not have FPS tracking feature. Read more: how to change the kirby vacuum belt Some mobile manufacturers offer users their utility services to check FPS in games – like Game Turbo in Xiaomi/Redmi and Perf Z phones and Gamebooster for Samsung devices.Game Turbo shows FPSThere are some third-party apps that also display FPS in the game. However, you should not use any such apps, if players experience lag in the game, they can click here to find out different ways to fix the problem. Read more: how to save jade tree Avatar

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