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How to search multiple tags on Tumblr Published Date: October 16, 2018 Category: Tumblr If you have a blog on Tumblr then you probably spend a lot of time on Tumblr exploring to find posts related to your interests. In this guide, we’ll show you a nifty trick that allows you to search multiple tags and terms to find specific posts on Tumbl. different parts. However, learning how to use the tag system will allow you to discover more great content related to other niche topics and also find more creators to follow. specific article type, you can use multi-tag search method to dig deeper and save a lot of time. We’ll show you how it’s done.

What are Tumblr tags?


tumblr-discoverSince Tumblr is a microblogging platform, it doesn’t have a built-in category system on the site. Instead, it uses tags to categorize your posts. However, tags are more than just a way to categorize your blog. Tags on Tumblr are very similar to hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. While tags allow you to categorize your posts, they also help make your posts easier to discover. For example, when you enter a tag in a post, your post will appear on that particular tag’s public stream, making your post visible to people searching for that tag. As you can imagine, using the card properly can bring many benefits.

How tags help grow your blog

Read more: how reverse selection on photoshopTags can really help boost your blog by bringing more traffic to your Tumblr site. However, many people randomly enter tags into their posts without even realizing the potential benefits they can have. . For example, using the most popular tags is not always the best option. Since so many people use those same tags your posts can easily get lost in public streams, you can instead look for smaller niche tags that have enough followers for your post to get lost. discovered by more people. Finding these tags is much easier when you know how to search for multiple tags at once. One thing that you need to keep in mind when searching for multiple tags is that it works differently than searching for a single tag. show results based on all posts using this tag. However, when you are searching for multiple tags, it only shows posts with all the searched tags. For example, if you search for both #funny and #video tags at the same time, It will only show you posts with both of those tags. Finding multiple tags on Tumblr is pretty easy. Here is how it works. Read more: how to get melted candy out of clothestumblr-search-tagsStep 1: Enter the first tag you want to search for.Step 2: Then enter a comma at the end of the first tag you entered. Leave a space and enter the second tag you want to search for.Step 3: Repeat the process as many times as you want to enter multiple tags and search for posts with all the specified tags.

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Bonus: How to Search Multiple Phrases

This method actually works for search terms as well. If you want to search for multiple phrases or words, you can use the same strategy as above.tumblr-search termSimply enter a search term or word and then enter commas at the end of words to search for posts with multiple terms.


The tag system is a very useful part of Tumblr, which can also help you get more views on your own blog posts. Search for the best tags on Tumblr and create a list of tags you can use when publishing your blog posts to attract more visitors and followers.

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