How To Seal A Charcoal Drawing

Artwork by Paul Knight on Strathmore 500 Series carbon paperQUESTION:How do I stamp a charcoal drawing once it’s done?Read: how to stamp charcoal drawingsANSWER:There are opinions as to whether a charcoal drawing should be stamped with fixative upon completion. Some say yes to preserve the drawing and prevent it from smudging. Others say no because it can lose coal grains or change value if not applied properly. Make sure you read all package labels and descriptions to make sure what you choose is right for your artwork. If you choose to use a fixative to stamp your charcoal drawings, here are some precautions and recommended steps to take: Read more: how to conduct a military honorary trialBEFORE SPRAYING:

  • Ensure that loose particles have been gently blown away or gently removed with an extended brush. Do not use your hands as you may smear or leave an oily residue on the paper.
  • Place your spray area outside or in a well-ventilated room. Use a respirator to stay safe from the smoke.
  • Practice spraying another sheet of carbon paper first. Set some charcoal at different values ​​and spray the practice sheet to see what happens and make sure you feel comfortable spraying your finished artwork. Apply a mist over the entire sheet of paper and keep your arms moving while spraying to avoid wetting or saturating certain parts of the piece of paper.
  • Make sure your patch is firmly attached to a firm, flat, angled surface so it doesn’t move when you start spraying. You can use clamps to hold it or tape artists. It should not be placed flat on a table as it may cause puddles. Tape or clamp to a hard vertical or slightly inclined surface.
  • Always shake the can for at least two minutes before use. This is especially important with matte finish fixatives because there is a matting agent in the spray that requires further mixing.
  • Clean the nozzle before starting. Spray a few short sprays onto shredded paper. Then turn the can upside down and spray until nothing comes out into the air. This prevents clumping of the fixative.
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  • You’re better off applying several light coats rather than one thick coat. Hold the fixative about 2 feet away from the paper when you are spraying. As mentioned above, use continuous arm motion while spraying to avoid oversaturating at any point. Make sure to cover the entire piece from edge to edge by spraying outside the contour.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes and do not touch the pad even if it looks dry.
  • Spray the patch a second time in the opposite direction to make sure you’ve achieved full coverage. If clamped on a hard surface, rotate the paper 180 degrees and apply a second coat.

PERMANENT:The fixative comes in glossy and matte finishes, and there are also options to completely seal the drawing or use it so you can spray and still add more later. Some fixes are not archival, this is especially true of fixes that might work Read more: how to frame a wall in a corner Some artists might suggest using hairspray as a fixative; however this is not recommended for a number of reasons. Firstly, the chemical composition of hairspray does not guarantee storage properties and can cause the paper to yellow over time. In addition, if too much is used, the paper may become sticky.STRATHMORE TOOLS:Click here to view our range of carbon papers, all with a traditional surface finish that provides precise gloss control. Our 400 Series Charcoal is made with 75% post-consumer and 25% hemp fiber and is a great recycling option. We also carry 500 Series carbon sheets that are 100% cotton and are great for finished artwork. It comes in a variety of colors and is available in both pads and pads.Between %20Heaven%20And%20EarthArtwork by Paul Knight on Strathmore 500 Series carbon paperLa% 20Femme% 20Et% 20Son% 20FoulardIllustration by Paul Knight on Strathmore 500 Series Charcoal Paper

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