How To Say Why In German

How to ask questions in German

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? How much? How much? (Together with Jens and Otto to clean up Oma’s basement)


Basic question words

Make a question

Basic questions in German are formed using this pattern: Pretty simple, right? However, when you ask more complex questions (by adding an object to the sentence), the word order seems a bit strange. Here is a sample sentence: Reading: how to say why in German Question word + object + verb + subject of a sentence It sounds complicated, but the more questions you hear, the more comfortable you will become with the structure. their bamboo.

The cleanup begins!

Read more: Why is my emerald card declined Listen to Otto and Jens as they clean. Pay attention to the question words. (Don’t worry. There will be a lot of questions because Otto won’t be silent.) While the brothers were cleaning, they came across some interesting items. Image of Oma as a young girl. She's beautiful.After a few hours going through the boxes, Jens realized that Otto had no organizational skills…at all. He couldn’t remember which boxes he went through or where he put any of the things he had sorted. And Jens couldn’t answer any more of his questions: Jens decided he’d better work alone, even if it meant he had to spend the rest of the weekend getting organized Oma’s mountains of boxes. (Poor Jens.)

Otto talking to himself

Read more: Why butter and sugar separate when making toffee If Jens seems too cruel, we should also mention that Otto has a habit of talking to himself. Annoyingly, Otto mostly asks himself yes/no questions and then answers them before Jens can say anything. (That’s part of the reason Jens asked him to leave Oma’s house.) Asking yes/no questions in German is pretty easy. You take a statement (a regular sentence) and flip the subject and verb to turn it into a question: Cartoon Otto sitting on a box, wondering (in German) “Am I smart? Right! I'm smart.Simple, right? Listen to Otto babble for more practice with yes/no questions. Jens will have to clean up the rest of the basement by himself, but at least he won’t have to hear any more about this! That sounds like a win for Jens. Read more: Why Callie and Arizona divorced

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