How to Say Where You Are From in Spanish

How to say where you come from

Luisa is the daughter of an Argentine diplomat. For this reason, Luisa has always lived in different places. This year, her father was appointed consulate of Argentina in the US When people ask Luisa ¿De dónde eres? (Where are you from?), Luisa can respond with any of the following answers:

  • Soybeans de Argentina. (soee deh…) This means “I come from…” This is the most common way to say where you come from in Spanish.

In a nutshell:

  • De Argentina. (deh…) This means ‘from…’

Other ways to say where you come from:

  • Vengo de Argentina. (VEHN-goh deh…) This means “I come from…” It is not very common, but it is possible.
  • Nací en Argentina. (nah-SEE ehn…) This means “I was born in…” People often choose to use this expression because the place they were born is what they consider to be their true origin, even if they didn’t live there long. .

For more information, Spanish speakers can say:

  • Crecí en Chile y por eso me coiro chileno. (creh-VIEW ehn… meh kohn-see-DEH-roh) This means ‘I grew up in Chile and because of this, I consider myself Chilean’.
  • Me crié en Chile. (meh cree-EH…) This means “I grew up”… When Spanish speakers say this, they mean they were born somewhere else but they consider the place they grew up as the place. their origin.

Same thing when they say:

  • He liveso siempre en Chile. (eh vee-VEE-doh see-EHM-preh ehn…) This means ‘I have always lived in…’

Finally, to represent gaining a second citizenship despite being born elsewhere:

  • Tengo la nacionalidad chilena. (TEHN-goh lah nah-seeoh-nah-lee-DAD…) This means ‘I have _____ nationality.’ Usually, people refer to the nationality they primarily identify with. This is very common in the US among Hispanics, who later become US citizens. They may say they have American citizenship to emphasize that they consider themselves American.
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Sometimes, Spanish speakers just use their nationality and say:

  • Soy Chileno. (soee…) This means ‘I am…’

¿De Donde Eres?

Now, let’s meet some Spanish-speaking models as they answer our question: ¿De dónde eres? This simple model comes from Bolivia and no other complications: Translation: My name is Lorena and I am from Bolivia. What is your prediction for Miguel? Where would you say he really feels he comes from? Translation: I was born in Colombia but I grew up in Costa Rica. sample yeast

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