How To Say Thank You In Thai

When you visit a country, one of the most common words or phrases you want to know is “Thank you”. In Thailand, people are very impressed when they hear foreigners say ‘Thank you’ in their language. It shows a degree of respect for the country and culture. Whether you are visiting Bangkok or staying in Chiang Mai, a little kindness will go a long way. So today, I’m going to show you how to say ‘Thank you’ in Thai (and write it too). Read: how to say thank you in Thai

How do I say thank you in Thai?


First of all, in Thai we distinguish the gender of the speaker. But don’t worry, it’s not complicated at all to learn! You just need to remember the words for ‘I’ (female: ดิ (di) ฉัน (chan) / male: ผม (pom))) and the polite word ‘ female: ค่ะ (ka) / male: ครับ (krab)’. Most other words will be the same no matter who is speaking.The word “thank you” is kob (low voice) khun (normal voice), followed by the polite word:Female: ค่ะ – kob khun ka Female: ขอบคุณ ครับ – kob khun krab After saying this word, I am sure you will see a big smile on the face of the person you are talking to. This is the most basic way to say thank you and the one you’ll likely say the most, for example, if you’ve just finished some delicious Thai food, you can let them know with this phrase. Remember to keep it in mind when you are in Thailand!

How do I reply?

Sometimes the answer is just as important as the thank you. Now that you’ve learned how to thank you, you’ll also need to learn how to respond in return. You should prepare yourself a few phrases ready for when your kindness is recognized. Of course, you may also find that your interlocutor may say something back to you after you thank them and you should know what they said. means too.In response to thank you, you can say “No problem”: – mai (fall) bpen rai ไม่ เป็นไร ค่ะ – Mai bpen rai kaMale: ไม่ เป็นไร ครับ – Mai bpen rai krab Read more: How to protect strawberries from squirrels ‘is the motto country of Thailand. It represents Thai kindness, and can also be translated as ‘don’t worry about it’. means something close to ‘my pleasure’ or, as Google Translate puts it, ‘satisfied’. While this is not an appropriate response in all situations, it does sound better.

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How to write thank you in Thai?

Have you practiced your Thai writing skills and want to put them to the test? Then get your calligraphy pen ready – you’ll learn how to write thank you in Thai! While we recommend trying out the writing activity on Ling App to get a better understanding of how to write in the Thai alphabet, you can also try it in person. Here is a larger image with the word ‘Thank You’ written in Thai so you can see each character better:How does it happen? It can be difficult to get started. Remember, like every other language, there are different fonts that affect the look and feel of characters. I’ve tried to pick one that looks pretty typical for your reference. However, with some practice, you will be embarrassed to write it down every time you want to thank someone just to show off. Let everyone know how to write thank you notes in Thai!

Example of a conversation in Thai

Now, imagine a situation where you are traveling in Thailand. You want to know where the restroom is. After you receive your reply, you will reply with a thank you note. This is an example of an exchange where the speaker is female. As we mentioned before, the polite word for a woman is ‘ค่ะ (ka)’ so she says ‘ขอบคุณ ค่ะ (kob khun ka)’. In this YouTube video, you can hear how this exchange is said. Remember that Thai is a tonal language, so listen carefully. However, don’t worry too much about it. You will get used to it over time and Thai people are very understanding. So let’s say you (male) hold the door for someone (female) and when they pass by they say ‘don’t botherIn the answer you can simply say ‘krab‘. It’s a quick and polite answer to smaller gestures like this, but it’s not all that common.

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How to say thank you among friends

With a language like Thai, you need to be careful when choosing how to say something. There are many different ways to say thank you as well as other words and phrases based on the situation and your relationship with the person you are talking to. With that said, how do you say thank you to your friends in Thai? It will be a bit strange if you use the basic way we mentioned above because it is a bit formal. You can leave out the polite word at the end of a phrase to make it less awkward: ขอบคุณ – kob khun! Read more: how to solder connectors to lipo batteries Thai Skills. For example, you can use this phrase, which interestingly also means thank you in Lao: ขอบใจ – kob jai! Remember that this sentence is very informal, so you should definitely only use this phrase with close friends and people you know well. This is the equivalent of saying ‘thank you’ in Thai, and here it’s not something you want to say to someone of a higher status. Instead, you can use it to say thank you in Thai to your friends and siblings.

Other ways to say thank you in Thai

There may also be situations where you feel a simple ‘thank you’ isn’t enough, or maybe you’re bored of it and want to say something different. There are many better ways to show your gratitude. One way is to add the word ‘maak’ at the end:ขอบคุณ มาก – Kob khun maak!This means ‘thank you very much!’, it’s a bit more informal, so you can use it with friends and people you’re close to. . This phrase is:ใจดี มาก – Khun jai dii maak!Translated, this means “You’re so kind!”, which is sure to make someone feel appreciated. Save this for the people trying to help you.

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Importance of polite speech in Thai culture

As you may have noticed, we keep referring to words like krab and ka. You may also notice that these polite words are often used in other phrases like ‘hello’ (สวัสดี ค่ะ – sawatdee ka) and ‘sorry’ (ขอโทษ ค่ะ – kor tod ka). This is because Thailand has a hierarchy where a person’s status affects how you should talk to them. Therefore, you should try to be polite and use these polite words when addressing someone like the boss of an elder. However, we’ll take a closer look at this another day.

Learn basic phrases in Thai

Saying ‘Thank you’ in Thai will help you make friends and help you become popular, as everyone likes a polite person. Not everyone can speak English well, so it may be necessary to use Thai. From here, you can continue to learn other common and important phrases that will help you on a daily basis in Thailand. Want to know one of the best ways to learn Thai? The Ling app has various games and tests to help you memorize all the important things. ขอบคุณ ครับ – Kob khun krab! Next, you can learn Thai phrases for “I love you” and other sweet things to make people happy when you say it to them. candy stick

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