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Watashi? Boku? What’s the difference? Are there other ways to say “I” or “I” in Japanese?


According to social status, gender and circumstances, there are many ways to say ‘I’ or ‘I’ in Japanese. Usually, Japanese language learning textbooks only teach you how to use Watashi (私) but not how to change first person pronouns due to different situations in everyday life. This blog will show you 10 common ways to say ‘I’ or ‘I’ in Japanese.first

1. Watashi (わ / )

The word used most often to say ‘I/I.’ It’s a humble way to express yourself in any situation. In addition, it is also used in formal occasions or talking to someone superior.2

2. Watakushi (わ / )

That’s way more polite than Watashi. It is used in formal occasions. The royal family uses Watakushi when they give speeches.3

3. Atashi (あ )

A feminine variation. For intimate occasions, the person you are talking to is a friend or subordinate. Read more: how to say Chinese in Chinese | Top Q&AHow can I speak?

4. Atakushi (あ )

It’s a more polite female variant of Atashi.How can I speak?

5. Uchi (う )

It is the first female pronoun in the Kansai dialect for informal occasions.How can I speak?

6. Washi (わ / )

It is used in the Kansai area for the elderly. Common use for old man character in game or animation.How can I speak?

7. Boku (ぼ く / 僕)

A semi-modular pronoun for young men. Commonly used for boys. Read more: how to sing and play the piano at the same timeHow can I speak?

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8. Ore (お / )

Men use in intimate occasions. A casual way of saying ‘I’ is often paired with ‘Omae (お 前, you.)’How can I speak?

9. Jibun (じ / )

A gender-neutral word commonly used by military personnel or athletes.10 Ways to Say 'I' or 'I' in Japanese

10. Warehouse (わ / )

Formal, used in the article as self-proclaimed. People use it for speech, meeting or discussion. Usually used in the plural like Wareware (我 々, we.) Also, there are more ways to say ‘I’ and ‘I.’ Pronouns related to the person you are talking to and the occasion. By learning Japanese, you have the opportunity to practice it and you will be able to put it to use. It helps you to know the nuances of Japanese culture. Want to know more about Japanese culture? Please check out our interesting blogs! Read more: How to mute csog audio using control panel

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