how to say i see in japanese

If you’ve ever joined a Japanese conversation before, you may have heard the word “Naruhodo” (な る ほ ど) being used. Although this word is rarely found in textbooks, it often pops up in Japanese conversations. In this blog, we will show you what “Naruhodo” means in Japanese and how you can use it in conversation.

What does “Naruhodo” mean?


Simply put, Naruhodo means “I understand” or “I understand”. Although you may often hear that “Soudesuka” (そ う で す か) or “Sokka” (そ っ か) is a way of saying ‘I see’, it is slightly different from Naruhodo (な る ほ ど). While sokka or soudesuka can certainly be used to say ‘I see’, Naruhodo adds a nuance. Soudesuka/sokka is more neutral, while Naruhodo conveys a more nuanced sense of agreement and understanding. Sokka can also face the cold type, while Naruhodo can be used as a warmer response.

How to use “Naruhodo”

Read more: Downgrade Toyota The word naruhodo can be used in many different situations. You can use naruhodo in a polite or informal context. Let’s see some examples of how to use it.

“Naruhodo” in the Conversation:

A! Souiu koto ka! Naruhodo ne! Oh! That’s what you think! I got it! The use of naruhodo in the above example gives a sense of understanding and friendliness. It also shows that the speaker has acquired knowledge about something that they did not know before. : な る ほ ど 。A: Kowarechatta kara henpin shitakatta mono desu。B: Naruhodo。A: I want to return (this) because it’s broken.な る ほ ど (naruhodo) This is a more formal situation, butな る ほ can still be used in the same way. Still a polite way to say “I see” in Japanese. You can now use “Naruhodo” (な る ほ ど) in your next interaction! With friends, with colleagues or your boss at work! Read more: how to get caracol belize

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