How To Say I Love You In Swedish

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Recently I discovered that quite a few people want to know how to say I love you in Swedish. Always a useful and must-know phrase. use them in the future. Don’t forget to check out the interesting infographic at the end of this article!

How to say I love you in Swedish

Jag älskar peach. – I love you. Live translation is 100% direct. Used only in romantic situations. To a parent or sibling, you would say “jag gillar dig”.

How to say I’m in love with you

KYoner is another word for love, or amorousness, and is used when you say “I love you”.Jag är kär I dug. – I love you. You can see the “jag” is back, it’s me. “Är” means was or is. “Kär” is love, “I” is in and “digging” is you. Very easy. I am in love with you! It means “I love you”, but “vara kär” can also mean falling in love with someone.Braised Peach Jag Tycker – I like youTycker om is a verb for like. Be careful, you always need “om”, which by itself means to think! So “I think” is “jag tycker” and “I like” is “jag tycker om”. For example:Jag tycker om Sverige – I like Sweden.Jag tycker att du är vackert – I think you’re so adorable.Mining Jag Dollar – I like you. “Jag gillar dig” has the same meaning as “jag tycker om dig” but is a bit more colloquial. Also, please note that with parents and siblings, you would use the word “jag gillar dig” when you mean “I love you”. “jag älskar peach” is used only for romantic interests.

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Terms of love in Swedish

An endearing term in Swedish is “älskling”, which is what you mean to your husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend or children. Not a stranger.älskling – darling It’s the same as “darling” in American English. Or maybe “love” in British English, although I think that could be used more formally. You can see älskling comes from the word to love, which is älska.älskade – lovely sötnos – lover (literally sweet nose) hjärtanskär – lover (literally love of the heart) kärlek – love and cherish

How to Say “I Miss You”

Jag saknar peach. – I miss you I will pronounce it like yah-g sak-nar d-eh. Read more: how to wash acrylic fiber blankets.

Hugs and kisses

Puss och Kram! You can often hear this phrase in Sweden.puss – kiss (peck)kyss – kiss with tongue)kram – Hug Sometimes, kram can appear at the end of a letter as (in informal case): Kram, Hilary, which translates to: Hug, Hilary

Puss / Pussar vs Kyss / Kyssar

Both translate as kiss/kiss each other. What’s different, however, is that kyss is one of those passionate, full-blown kisses that use tongue in mouth. Puss is a dissection. Pretty cool that in Swedish there is a difference!

Romantic Swedish vocabulary

There’s a great list of 44 romantic quotes that Live Fluent put together. I definitely recommend looking at these, they can come in handy! If you’ve read this far, chances are you’re looking to learn Swedish. Please sign up for my free email “How to Learn Swedish” course. You will not only learn the basics of Swedish, but you will learn tips on how to learn Swedish so that you can speak it quickly. Plus, you can apply these tips to any language.

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How to say I love you in Swedish infographic

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