How To Say Cheers In Czech

The Czech Republic prides itself on its celebrations and drinking bars. Each bar usually only offers one fresh drink (and some of the more popular bottled beers like bud light), so you can try a few different places until you find a drink you like. However, when you’re out for a walk, it’s best to learn how to say cheers in Czech so you can toast each other and mingle with the locals.Na Zdravi (pronounced: naz -drah-vee) – Before starting to enjoy beer, it is essential to applaud everyone at the table when they make eye contact. Like in other countries, if you don’t follow this guideline you will have seven years of doom or seven years of bad sex. Of course, we’re not saying this will happen, but if you take the time and make good eye contact, it will only increase your chances. Na Zdravi means “for your health” and is the most famous sign to wish each other. It can be a challenge when you’re staring into their eyes, but you should also do your best to avoid bad sex in the next 7 choice if you are craving craft beer.

Cheers in Czech – Most Common Expressions


Alcohol occupies an important place in the culture of the Czech Republic. People say cheer for drinks every day when they meet business partners or friends and at weddings, celebrations, or other special days. Nazi Dravi! It is one of the most common expressions in the Czech language.

National / commonly used expression For Cheering in Czech

Na zdraví! [Naz-dra-vee]For your healthy! Read more: How to make lego katana accessoriesNa EX! [Na ex]Drink in one go / dry the glass!Do it! [Do dna]You’ll learn more terms while visiting the Czech Republic, but Na zdraví, Do dna and Na ex are some of the most important phrases to ensure you have a good time during your trip. Always remember that everyone in the Czech Republic wants to have a good time and celebrate life, so embrace it, and you’ll have the story of a lifetime.

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Cheering in Czech and in different languages

  • Chinese (Mandarin) – (gān bēi)
  • Czech – Na zdraví (Naz drah vee)
  • Portuguese – Saude
  • Korean – (bae gun)
  • Japanese – Kanpai
  • Latin – Fremitus deinde!
  • Thai – Chok dee
  • Swedish / Danish / Norwegian – Skål!
  • Polish – Na zdraví
  • Spanish – ¡Salud!
  • Vietnamese – Do / Vo / One two three, yo
  • Germany – Prost
  • Italy – Saluti / Cin cin
  • Greek – ας
  • French – à votre santé
  • Irish – congrats
  • Dutch – proost
  • Romanian – noroc

Important words and phrases Have a relationship with Cheering in CzecH

Here is a list of other Czech drink phrases and words that might be helpful when drinking in great bars in the Czech Republic:Cheering in Czech

Beer facts In Czech Republic

Cheers in Czech - The truth about beerRead more: How to sharpen a hook The country is known as the birthplace of Pilsner beer. In addition, beer consumption per capita exceeds that of any other part of the world. To help you prepare for your beer tour in the Czech Republic, here are some interesting facts about Czech beer that may surprise you.

  • Per capita beer consumption in the Czech Republic far exceeds that of any other country in the world.
  • Czech beer has been brewed since AD ​​993.
  • Beer costs less than bottled water in Prague.
  • The Czech Republic, since 1785, has had its own Budweiser.
  • People can sleep in a Czech brewery.
  • Traditional Czech bar serving only one brand of beer.
  • Prague trams have beer trucks.
  • A trip to the Czech Republic would not be complete without a beer at a suitable Czech bar. I hope these Czech beer facts will help you understand the importance of beer to the local culture and help you mingle with the locals on your next visit. So enjoy your visit and Na zdraví (Cheering in Czech)! Also, don’t forget to learn some other common Czech phrases besides Cheering in Czech before visiting the country!

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