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1- Don’t Ask For Bathrooms In French To Avoid A Dreadful Mistake!


Many English speakers like to translate literally as “where is the bathroom”, thus saying: “où est la salle de bain”. But in France “la salle de bain” refers to a bath and shower, and possibly no toilet (usually located in a separate room)… Read: how to say bathroom in FrenchImagine the surprise the host when you ask what they will sound like: “Where can I shower?”… The correct question is: “o sont les toilettes ”. Note that toilet is plural in French.Ask “où sont les toilettes” – not for la salle de bain…

2 – Using the restroom in a French cafe

If you are visiting France and need to use the restroom, the easiest thing is to walk into a cafe. ) with a smile, and it should be no problem. Don’t ask for anything and go, if you’re in an extremely touristy area, the restrooms may be reserved for patrons only. I recommend ordering “un café s’il vous plaît”, then asking “où sont les toilettes?”, Use the facility, pay for your coffee and drink it – it could be a better experience than public baths (where you will have to pay – see below).

3 – Request to use the restroom in a restaurant in France

If you are with company in a restaurant in France and need to use the bathroom, free the table first. Just say to those traveling with you “Veuillez m’excusez” (more formal) or just “Excusez-moi.” Then get up (you don’t have to say where you’re going) and go to a staff member and ask: “Où sont les toilettes s’il vous plaît”. Just easy enough.

4 – Ask for the toilet in a French house

If you’re invited to someone’s home it’s a bit more complicated, in the best case scenario, the hostess will volunteer to provide the information when she picks up your coat or walks you into the living room. She will say something like: “Les toilettes sont à gauche” (“Rest room on the left”) and you should memorize the door. If she doesn’t, wait for her to get up, follow her (but don’t go to the kitchen, you don’t have a place there in a full-fledged household). Then ask discreetly: “Où est-ce que je peux me rafraîchir?” (“Where can I shower again?”) Or “où est-ce que je peux aller me repoudrer” (where can I apply nose powder… it’s a bit classic but still cute). All sorts of words to avoid saying “toilettes”: “les small-coins” (small corner?), “small cupboard” is one of the most common. Usually no sink. Sorry. Bring some wipes. In a more relaxed setting, you could simply ask “O sont les toilettes?”, but do it discreetly, not in front of other guests. And don’t add “Parce que j’ai besoin de faire pipi.” (because I need to pee)!! Read more: how to change lexus key battery In any case, you should plan before or after a meal. In France, it’s considered impolite to leave the table during a meal, even if many people now do it to smoke outside if the house is smoke-free. . Wait for the end of the course (but not too long, not when they’re about to bring the next course), then get up, don’t say anything or say “veuillez m’excuser” and go. In context of a French story in my downloadable French audiobook: my bilingual novels are recorded at different levels – French pronunciation and modern spoken French. My French audiobooks are only available on French Today.

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5 – Using Public Toilets in France – Beware!!!

In big cities, you will also have what is called a “une sanisette”, an automated public toilet (shown on the main image of this article). You need to pay to enter. It is usually relatively clean. The instructions are easy, it’s not rocket science. One word of caution, however: these toilets are “self-cleaning” – meaning the entire room will be cleaned automatically after You go out and lock the door. So don’t try to let your spouse/friend into the house for free – they get a free shower!! And if you’re unlucky, you might find “des toilettes à la turques” – a hole in the ground (people squatting): they’re still very popular in France. Put your feet on the footrest and squat… Unfortunately, French women don’t have superpowers that I can share with you to avoid peeing on their shoes…"des toilettes à la turques"- a hole in the ground (people squatting): they are still very popular in France“Des toilettes à la turques” – a hole in the ground (people squatting): they are still very popular in France

6 – What about “les Urinoirs” in French?

Urinals are very common in public toilets in France (such as highway rest areas, restaurants, cinemas, etc.). And not at all discreet, French women and children often have to walk in front of a row of urinals to enter the stall. Or the sinks… So charming.

7 – What is “Une Dame Pipi”?

“Une dame pipi” is a very old but still used name for a bathroom attendant. There is another term “un / une Employé (e )osystemaire” but really, no one uses it. I even asked for a “dame pipi” to check, and she said she calls herself “une dame pipi”. They’re still pretty much around in France, believe it or not. If yes, you need to leave advice – sometimes a certain amount is required (such as in “Les Grands Magasins” in Paris, where you need to pay to use the bathroom), sometimes it’s up to you . “Merci Madame, au revoir Madame” and smile, and you will make her day.

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8 – What are these buttons on top of a French Loo?

French toilets are now equipped with two buttons: they control the amount of water flushed. So press the small button when you go number one, press the larger button for “larosse rose” (French way of saying poop). to pull it pretty hard – without breaking it though…French toilets are now equipped with 2 buttonsFrench toilets are now equipped with 2 buttons

9 – What is a bidet?

In older houses or luxury hotels (well, luxury hotels now… before very low-rise hotels…) you have what is called “un bidet”. It was a very small bathtub. Read more: how to use pore tightening gel | Top Q&A You sit on it, face any part you want to wash in the water, and can wash your scalp (or feet) pretty easily this way. It is quite realistic.

10 – There is no shower in the French toilet

Unlike many countries in the world, toilets in France are not equipped with small showers. We also don’t have smart Japanese people like the stalls. I guess loo is still pretty classic in France.

11 – Be careful what you flush in France!

Many country houses in France still have septic tanks, so consider that and use a trash can (“la poubelle”) if you need to flush anything other than toilet paper. domestic. So you should finish the toilet roll, replace it and flush the remaining tube if it looks like in this picture:The end of the scroll is now usually removable in France - Toilet vocabulary in French

12 – Peeing “Outdoors” in France

You can see as you drive on a French motorway, cars parked in a safe zone, with a man standing and facing the field. “Outdoor” peeing is still acceptable in France. It is quite popular.Peeing "Out side" At FrancePeeing “Outdoor” in France

14 – What about Unisex / All Gender Bathrooms in France?

Gendered baths are still quite rare in France – outside of French homes, of course! I have yet to see any gender-specific toilets in France. I remember they were everywhere when I traveled to Australia! Typically, toilets in France are labeled:

  • “Toilettes pour dames” or “Madame”, “Mesdames” – Women’s toilet
  • “Toilettes pour hommes” or “Monsieur”, “Messieurs” – Toilets for the elderly
  • But the labels can also be quite creative! Now let’s learn toilet-related vocabulary in French.

  • Les toilettes, cupboard les – restroom, always plural in French
  • Les WC – short pronounced “double ticket é” or “vécé” – from the British Water Closet…
  • Le petit coin, le tron ​​- other words for toilet, common slang.
  • “La où meme le roi va seul” – where even the king goes alone (this is not even true because the king often goes to the bathroom in public… It was a privilege to witness that scene. …)
  • Les chiottes – slang – some would say vulgar… but very common!
  • Un urinoir – urinal
  • Les toilettes publiques – public toilets
  • Les toilettes à la turque – hole in the ground loosening / person squatting
  • La chasse d’eau – the flush
  • Un double chase – a double exhaust faucet
  • Tirer la chasse – discharge
  • Un balai de toilettes, une brosse de toilettes, une brosse WC – toilet brush
  • Il n’y a plus de papier – not much paper left
  • La chasse d’eau est cassée – broken exhaust
  • Les toilettes sont bouchées – clogged toilet
  • Il ya une fuite – there is a leak
  • Le papier hygiénique – toilet paper (most formal)
  • Le papier toilette – toilet paper (common)
  • Le PQ (pronounced pé ku) or le papier chiotte – slang for toilet paper (some would say vulgar)
  • Avoir sesrêgles – to have a period
  • Une serviette hygiénique – sanitary napkins
  • Un tampon – tampon
  • Un poubelle – a trash can
  • Aller aux toilettes – go to the toilet
  • Déféquer – go to the bathroom (very formal)
  • Faire caca – to poop (common language and children)
  • Chier – to go to the bathroom (common but very vulgar slang – don’t use it)
  • Urinate – urinate (common and formal)
  • Faire pipi – to go little (common language and children’s language)
  • Pisser – pee (common but rather vulgar slang – don’t use it)
  • Avoir la diarhée – have diarrhea
  • Etre constipation – being constipated
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