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Les nombres et le count


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French Number: 60-69

Numbers 60 to 69 follow the same rules as 20 to 59 Read: how to say 99 in French 60 soixante 61 soixante et un 62 soixante-deux 63 soixante-trois 64 soixante-quatre 65 soixante-cinq 66 soixante- six 67 soixante -sept 68 soixante-huit 69 soixante-neuf

French Number: 70-79

Read more: How to factory reset HTC One M8 for better performance instead, soixante is kept and the “those” only continue to creep into adolescence: 70 soixante-dix 71 soixante et onze 72 soixante-douze 73 soixante-treize 74 soixante-quatorze 75 soixante-quinze 76 soixante-se 77 soixante-dix- sept 78 soixante-dix-huit 79 soixante-dix-neufSoixante-dix literally “sixty ten”, soixante et onze means “sixty and eleven,” soixante-douze means “sixty and twelve,” etc.

French number: 80-89

Similarly, there is no word for “eighty” in standard French. * The French say quatre-vingts, literally forty. ** So 81 is quatre-vingt-un (forty-one), 82 is quatre-vingt- deux (forty-two), etc. 80 quatre-vingts 81 quatre-vingt-un 82 quatre-vingt-deux 83 quatre-vingt -trois 84 quatre-vingt-quatre 85 quatre-vingt-cinq 86 quatre-vingt- six 87 quatre-vingt-sept 88 quatre-vingt-huit 89 quatre-vingt-neuf

French number: 90-99

Read more: how to remove blue ink from hair. it follows the same pattern as 70. That is, you keep using quatre-vingt and add the word ten. 90 is quatre-vingt-dix (forty ten), 91 is quatre-vingt-onze (forty eleven), etc. 90 quatre-vingt-dix 91 quatre-vingt-onze 92 quatre-vingt-douze 93 quatre-vingt -treize 94 quatre-vingt-quatorze 95 quatre-vingt-quinze 96 quatre-vingt-sept 97 quatre-vingt-dix-sept 98 quatre-vingt-dix-huit 99 quatre-vingt-dix-neuf Listening practice : 60-99 À noter * In some French-speaking areas, such as Belgium and Switzerland, “seventy” is septante and “ninety” is nonante. For 80, Belgium uses standard quatre-vingts, while Switzerland uses huitante. There is also an archaic word octane that you may hear in Switzerland or the South of France. ** Forty isn’t as weird as it seems at first glance. Have you heard “Four and seven years ago”? Read more: Are eye patches comfortable to wear?

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