How To Save In Tabletop Simulator

Game – Save & Load When you launch into single player or click Game At the top of the screen while in game you will see the Game menu. This is where you choose from pre-made boards, Classic content, DLC, or Steam Workshop. In addition, you can also create and load your OWN saved settings. This is ideal for creating your own custom setups or recording a game in the middle.

Game menu¶


On the main Game menu, you’ll see Save & Load. It shows your last 4 saves and the most recent autosave was made the last time you played.

Save options¶

Read more: how to clean a boat carburetor Hovering the mouse over a save button causes the options button to appear in the upper right. Click on it to see options for that save. Game menu in game

  • Override: Overwrite existing save with the current state of your current table.
  • Extend: Opens a window of all the elements that make up that game’s save. This allows you to pull elements from a save without loading the save first.
  • Delete: Delete the save.

Save & Load Menu

Clicking the Save & Load button expands the Save & Load menu. The Save & Load menu shows all your savings and lets you organize them.


Read more: How to embellish old brick and stone walls Create at the top of the menu and enter a name for your save. Click Save when completed. Save


Click on any save to load it. Loading


Click Type at the top of the menu gives you the option to organize your savings. Read more: how to build a mounting block for a horse Sort options

  • Place: The order in which the saves were created and numbered automatically.
  • Day: Save date created, most recent first.
  • Name: Sort by alphabetical order.
  • Random: Random order for anarchists.
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