How To Ride A Ripstik Tutorial For Beginners

Video How to drive a ripstikBefore you start using Ripstik for the first time, you will want to wear appropriate safety equipment. Since riding a Ripstik is similar to riding a skateboard, the best safety gear you can get is one intended for skateboarding. You’ll want to at least wear a skateboard helmet, but you can also equip knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads, all of which will protect you when you fall.

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Learn how to ride Ripstik in 6 easy steps

1. Get proper safety equipment

For the right outfit, sweatpants and a t-shirt will give you more freedom of movement than jeans and a button-down shirt, but ultimately you should wear whatever feels comfortable. When it comes to shoes, however, I recommend getting yourself a pair of skate shoes. They have a flat outsole, so more of your shoe’s surface area is in contact with the board, giving you better traction. Also, if you start doing Ripstik Tricks like ollies, as your shoes slide up the board, your shoes will last longer because they are more resilient to scratches.

2. Find the right surface to ride on

Read more: how to create a message in a bottle After you’ve prepared your furniture, you’ll want to choose a spot with a smooth, even surface with a slightly sloping surface. Ideally, this will have grass aside in case you need to practice standing on the grass or in case you fall. Although a sloping surface is not necessary, it will make the process easier. Just don’t choose a steep hill or anything like that. Now that you have this preliminary information, let’s start learning how to drive a Ripstik!

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3. Place your ripstik properly

First, you’ll want to place your Ripstik on the ground, with your nose (or front end) pointing in the direction you want. Stand on one side of the Ripstik so that your front foot is near the tip of the nose and your back foot is near the end of the tail. If you don’t know which foot is front foot and which foot is back foot, think about which foot you usually use to kick the ball – which foot will most likely be your back foot, which is also your more stable foot.

4. Point your toes perpendicular to the direction of the chessboard

Now place your front foot in the middle of the toe end of the board, with your toes pointing perpendicular to the direction of the board. Make sure your board doesn’t tilt one way or the other and with your weight on your front foot, lift your back foot and place it in the center of the tail end of the board.

5. Start moving your feet back and forth

Read more: how to train ferrets not to move your paws back and forth to gain momentum. If you are doing this correctly, both ends of the Ripstik will rotate in opposite directions. If you’re pushing your toes down on your left foot, you’re pushing your heel down on your right foot and vice versa. When you’re ready, start making the movement bigger and bigger by incorporating your hips into the movement. This will give you a constant forward motion. Keep doing this move until you feel comfortable and when you’re ready to start shooting, all you have to do is lean slightly in the direction you want to shoot. Depending on which direction you want to go, your weight will be on the toes of both feet or more on the heels of both feet.

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6. Stop your ripstik properly

The last step of stopping is probably the easiest. When you’re ready to stop, you can jump off the board or steer your Ripstik to a patch of grass. The latter option is generally safer for your board and feet. Just like anything else in life, riding a Ripstik gets easier with practice. If you’re just starting to learn how to ride a Ripstik and it’s not going well, don’t be discouraged. Some people with better balance and coordination can learn to ride faster, but the only thing you need to focus on is yourself as everyone has their own pace of learning when it comes to skills. like riding Ripstik. If you are patient and maintain it, you will be using your Ripstik in no time! Read more: 4 Tips to improve your early game farming in League of Legends

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