How to Restring a Floyd Rose

Sweetwater’s guitar studio restores thousands of Floyd Rose guitars each year. In this article, we will show you how to restore Floyd Rose in 5 easy steps. The following article assumes that you already have your Floyd Rose setup dialed in and that you are replacing existing strings. Changing strings one by one on a guitar with Floyd Rose will maintain your bridge balance and reduce the need to make any major adjustments once your new strings are installed.

  • Remove the chain clamp from the lock nut
  • Remove the string from the bridge
  • Install new guitar strings
  • Stretch the rope
  • Fine tuning Floyd Rose
  • How to change guitar strings with Floyd Rose


    As you learn how to change strings on a Floyd Rose, you’ll need to make sure you have a few tools on hand: hexagon wrench, wire cuttersand a guitar tuner.

    1. Remove the chain clamp from the lock nut

  • Use your 3mm hex wrench to loosen the low E string and One clamp the cord, and then remove the low E string from the tuning post. Using a coil tool will make this a little easier.
  • Don’t remove all your strings. Replacing the string every once in a while is best as it maintains a consistent tension so you don’t have to re-balance your Floyd Rose bridge.
  • 2. Remove the string from Floyd Rose

  • Use your 3mm wrench to loosen the wire locking screw to push the saddle block firmly into the wire.
    • Before installing a new chain, make sure it has the same gauge as what you removed (changing gauges will affect your setup)
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  • Use your wire cutter to remove the ball end of the wire.
  • 3. Install new chain

  • Insert the cut end of the wire into the saddle directly in front of the saddle block and use a 3mm hex wrench to secure the wire.
  • Tighten first by hand and then use wrench to tighten. Do not turn on it, or you will unscrew the screw!
  • Slide the cord over the adjustment post at the top of the buckle and leave some slack. Even with a locking nut, your coils should still descend to the pole without overlapping for maximum tuning stability.
  • Next, adjust the string to the pitch and remove the excess.
  • 4. Stretch your strings

    With Floyd Rose, stretching your strings is very important. If your rope is properly stretched, your bridge will return to the correct incline and proper pitch when the whammy bar is not in use.

  • Stretch your strings over the entire length of the fret and then readjust.
  • Continue to readjust and stretch until the pitch is stable. Once won’t be enough.
  • The locking nut mechanism we removed in step one stabilizes both chain E and A, so before we continue, repeat steps 1-4 for chain A.
  • 5. Fine-tune Floyd Rose

    You’re almost ready to enjoy the bliss of bomb diving on your guitar with Floyd Rose, but first, you’ll want to dial in the pitch of your instrument.Don’t break your rope! After the locking nut is tightened, do not use the head lock adjuster, or you may break your wire.

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  • Place the fine tuner on the Floyd Rose so that about 2/3 of the thread shows and then tighten your lock nut on the lock end. That should give you plenty of adjustment stroke over the life of the rope. Remember: DON’T TOO MUCH!
  • Place the guitar in the playing position and use the tuners on the Floyd Rose to tune your guitar.
    • The function of the regulators on the Floyd Rose is to release or add pressure to the saddle, reducing or adding tension to the strings.
    • Turning the screw clockwise will raise the height and loosening or turning the screw counter-clockwise will lower the height.
  • The steps above apply to all remaining strings, so repeat the process until your new strings are fully tuned and you’re ready to play!
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    Need to set up Floyd Rose?

    Sweetwater’s Guitar Workshop does thousands of Floyd Rose setups each year. Floyd Rose guitars have a lot of moving parts, so if you’re not satisfied with the playability of the instrument, don’t hesitate to contact us to have one of our in-house luthier set up. professionally.

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